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Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Review

Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

Adobe is a well known company for delivering great softwares right at your doorsteps. It is responsible for all the great things that are happening in the digital world. A new addition was made to the collection of Adobe’s software named Adobe Creative Cloud. With its debut in 2013, everyone went nuts as because of Adobe

How to Convert PSD to HTML Files – SiteGrinder

sitegrinder is actually far more than just a plugin it’s actually a hybrid of a CMS and WYSIWYG kind of webeditor.The beauty of sitegrinder lies in the way it treats your photoshop document and converts it into html and css.

The reason that SiteGrinder can do this is because SiteGrinder is compatible with CSS, HTML, Web image formats and many other types of Internet formats and codes. SiteGrinder requires no programming experience to use. The only thing you need to do is create whatever gorgeous web designs you would like in Photoshop and SiteGrinder will ensure that your graphics look the same on the web page as they did when you first created them. SiteGrinder also has been programmed to ensure cross-platform browser compatibility, so no matter which platform and browser a visitor to your site is using, the appearance of the pages will be identical.