Best VPN Services for Anonymity

VPN Anonymity

There are hundreds of VPN Services out there each offering different sets of features and services at different costs but with the same promise of Anonymity. VPN is now a popular choice when it comes to maintaining anonymity over a network. With so many VPN services it’s really a very daunting task to select one

Facebook Settings to Secure Your Privacy

Facebook Features

Facebook has over 800 million users. And each user is allowed to add up to 5000 friends in their friends list. And an unlimited number of users can subscribe to your posts, although not all have the subscribe option but most of us have it. If I boast of my friends then I have over

Top Call and SMS Filter / Blocker Apps for Android


There is nothing that is perhaps more annoying than unsolicited phone calls or text messages to your smart phone. Contacting your cellular provider won’t help, because they can’t directly control who is calling you, once someone has your number, either from purchasing the information or by sending random text messages or phone calls, it’s just