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How To Enable Restrictions on iPhone iPad and iPod

Apple iDevices are already the best-selling brands in their respective categories. With even 5 years old owning their own iDevices, you may want to restrict some functions on your iDevice before handing it  over to a kid or to someone else.You can actually control the content the same way like you can control on your PC or Laptop

How to Backup Data Stored Within Google Services


Google and various Google services are already  an eternal part of our online world. Internet is full of articles like”A day without Google”,”A month without Google services”,”Top 10 alternate to Google services” and much more. With our best memories in the form of pictures stored in Picassa albums, Our winning moments Videos stored in YouTube,

How to Block Incoming Calls & SMS on an Apple iPhone

Receiving unwanted calls can be really annoying, especially if we are working on something important. So how about blocking them and getting rid of all such calls. However blocking a number is not as easy as it sounds. Since iPhone doesn’t have an in-built feature that allows you to block incoming calls, you will have

Search Privately, Search Securely

Search Data Privacy. The sad/bad news for me this week was that our college has decided to block on all the campus computers. And you can’t imagine how angry I felt. I checked all the PC’s but it was blocked on all of them. And now I was more angry and I started searching