How to Control Raspberry PI using Whatsapp

Raspberry can be a new term for a lot of people but its been out there for a long time. So for those who don’t know about it, we will share a little info to easily understand What is Raspberry PI and later we will discuss how to control it with Whatsapp. What is Raspberry […]

Setup VNC on Raspberry Pi – bring your Pi’s desktop to another computer.

Setup VNC with raspberry pi

Remember, last time we controlled our Raspberry Pi using SSH? While SSH brings whole Linux console from Raspberry Pi to your computer, it doesn’t really replicate the functionality of a monitor. After all, where is ‘remote control’ if you can’t see and control the desktop, right? Don’t worry, this post will teach you how to […]

[How To] Manage your Raspberry Pi Without Monitor

My Raspberry Pi Without Monitor

In last two posts, we have introduced ourselves to the Raspberry Pi and set it up correctly. We needed a monitor or a TV to see what is happening inside the Pi. However, keeping a monitor engaged all the time is not very ideal condition. Especially, if you plan to use the Pi as a […]

A Slice of Raspberry Pi! Starting with the Raspberry Pi software.

As promised earlier, we’re back with another article about the delicious dish called Raspberry Pi! If you missed the first bite, you can grab it here. Also, if you have no clue what the Raspberry Pi is, here is the introduction. In this post we are going to boot your Raspberry Pi for the first […]

A Bite of Raspberry Pi! A computer, as small as a credit card !

Raspberry Pi

Gone are the days when computers used to be huge. They say that few of the earliest computers made were as huge as a normal size room. But times have changed now. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we can pack large amount of computing power right into our pockets. Heck, my phone has more […]