How To Fix – Cannot Access Registry, Task Manager

The above picture is very common, you must have seen this error in your PC or on your friend’s PC. Whenever you will try to open Windows Task Manager or Registry you will get the error message saying “Registry Editing has been disabled by your Administrator” or “Task Manager has been Disabled by your Administrator” … Read moreHow To Fix – Cannot Access Registry, Task Manager

Overcome Auto Reboot Problem in windows XP

solve auto reboot windows xp

Many People Might have faced, cases when a system fault/error/crash ends up freezing the OS at the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), which displays the cause of the crash and gives some details about the state of the system when it crashed. The major annoyance is that it requires a “cold” reboot (reset) or … Read moreOvercome Auto Reboot Problem in windows XP

(How To) Fake CPU Speed

fake cpu speed

One more addition to our list of cool tricks. This one is super-cool. What if you have a Pentium-3 or 512MB of RAM? You can upgrade to any processor easily – FOR FREE!! I mean, you can upgrade to any processor… but not the “hardware”. Let me explain. There is this trick, using which you … Read more(How To) Fake CPU Speed