What Experts Think About Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy s3 pic

Since the initial Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors, till the official launch everyone was expecting something new and ‘revolutionary’ from the newly crowned smartphone giant. Even I was excited to see the launch event, and a new galaxy. But when they revealed the device and its features, mixed reactions started flowing everywhere. Some people were totally … Read moreWhat Experts Think About Samsung Galaxy S3

Nokia 302 at Rs. 6,919 Specification and Reviews

nokia 302 qwerty mobile reviews and specifications

Nokia launched all new Nokia 302 qwerty based smartphone works on S40 platform with 1 GHz processor and comes with basic connectivity which are common in every phones like 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth and 3.2 megapixel camera[No flash]. But it has no GPS support available in it. Specifications: 2.4 inches Display S40 Asha OS 1GHz processor … Read moreNokia 302 at Rs. 6,919 Specification and Reviews

My first day with Firefox 4 – A Re-Biased Review

Do you need to download Firefox 4? If you rely on a bunch of add-ons and plug-ins that will lose functionality…then NO. If you want unparalleled organization and customization…then YES. I am in love with Firefox 4. I was surprised. I was ready to hate it. I am usually skeptical about new versions of things … Read moreMy first day with Firefox 4 – A Re-Biased Review

Nokia E7 Review: Symbian^3 Smartphone

Nokia E7 Review

Nokia E7 is a recent launch by Nokia as one its ultimate business Smartphone. It is basically an aluminium clad handset which is equipped with 4-inch touch screen display that is integrated with the innovative ClearBlack technology. This is sure to provide all consumers with clear visibility outdoors along with the convenience of the full … Read moreNokia E7 Review: Symbian^3 Smartphone