How to Root Moto G 2nd Gen

How to root Motrola Moto G Second Generation

Motorola released an updated version of Moto G which was released previously and was named as Moto G 2nd Gen. The device has got a bigger screen size, Minor Specifications upgrade and supports an external SD card which will attract buyers as the previous Moto G comes with a limited storage and many didn’t like […]

Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Custom Recovery Mode

Android Rooting is the starting point of Android development. A rooted Android device can do more than a regular device. For instance, you can ameliorate the performance of your mobile phone through rooting. Battery backup also gets better after rooting. The most important point is that you can use Custom ROM. See Also: 7 Reasons […]

How to root Nokia X2 and install Google services and playstore?

root nokia x2

  Nokia launched their first ever Android smartphone this year at MWC 2014. However, it took longer time to make them understand the power and value of Android OS in market. Just after the deal of Nokia with Microsoft rumors started spreading out regarding the device. Nokia first revealed the three devices in its Nokia X series […]

5 Reasons Why Not to Root Android Device

why not to root android

Recently I wrote an article explaining reasons why to root android device. In that article I listed some of the top reasons to root android but today I’m going to do something opposite. I agree that rooting have its benefits but it they come with strings attached. With advantages comes disadvantages and we should accept […]

What is Android rooting? What are the top 3 reasons to do it?

what is rooting by the geek daily

  Own an Android device? For you an Android is just like a software which lets you to play amazing games, run super cool apps and much more. Well, in some terms your thinking is perfectly correct. But, there is another aspect of the Android which is only meant for those who really want to scoop more out of their […]

How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100?

Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is great smartphone with descent specifications and rooting your smartphone will take it to another level and provide you with a bunch of options. So in this tutorial I will guide you on rooting your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100. Please remember that we are not responsible for anything that happens to your […]

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

how to root galaxy s3

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to root Galaxy S3. This tutorial will help you to setup ClockworkMod recovery to the recovery partition and superuser file. Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 is safer than S2, because in S II the recovery partition was a part of the kernel. There was high-risk of phone brick. […]