How to Remove Ads from Android Apps

How to remove ads from Android apps

Not everyone can buy every thing they like, that’s a fact. Some of them end up using a cracked version, illegal version to be precise. Others, who respect the law and developer’s efforts, prefer to use the free alternative instead. Of course, you can’t expect that everything a paid app has can be found in […]

MIUI ROM : A walk-through

Currently, it is one of the most downloaded ROMS out there, having moved up from a downtrodden position of a Chinese based product. Taking together elements from Android and iOS it brings us something different. An almost bug free ROM, some of its best features are its constant updates, its focus on a polished UI […]

Asus Transformer Prime Rooted: easy how to OneClick root guide

ASUS Transformer Prime OneClick Root- How to Tutorial

Asus Transformer Android based Tablet net top has already created much news, the recent news says that it has been rooted by a developer using a simple app that is available for download as a .apk file. Asus Transformer prime was a high end Android Tabtop device which was more like a netbook. Transformer Prime […]

Rooting vs Custom ROM – Know the Best Option for Phone and Tablet

rooting vs custom ROM

I have already discussed a lot about Rooting Android Phones, how it’s done and what rooting is. If you are considering to root your device it’s quite important that you understand the difference between installing custom ROM and just rooting your Android device. So in this post we will basically discuss Rooting vs Custom ROM […]

How to install ICS on HTC Evo 4G

All Android fans have been eagerly looking forward to the Android 4.0 a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich OS update for their handsets. Though only a few devices have got the update so far, the good news is that the ICS ROM is finally available for HTC Evo 4G so you might want to upgrade your phone […]

How to Install ICS on Optimus 3D

The latest version of Android i.e. Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich is finally available for download. Optimus 3D users can now update their mobile to the ICS using this simple tutorial which shows how you can install ICS on your LG Optimus 3D smartphone. Before Installing the Update: First and foremost you need to […]

How to Root LG Optimus 3D P920

With the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich update almost all smartphone users want to upgrade their devices to this latest version of Android. However in order to be able to upgrade your Optimus 3D smartphone to ICS, you need to root it first otherwise you won’t be able to install the update. Here’s a […]

3 Most Popular Custom ROM for Android of All Time

There are a variety of mobile operating systems available today among which iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and Android are the major once having a strong foothold in market. But in spite of so many options, Android still remains user’s first choice, not only because it is available with cheaper devices but also because of […]