Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, The premium 5th generation Galaxy S !

Earlier we had published an article related to ‘Samsung Galaxy S5‘ which was launched in Feb 2014. Well, if we take a deep look at the past rumours ‘Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime’ or ‘Premium Galaxy S5′ was even leaked before the actual leaks of the real 5th gen Galaxy S. After the launch, The CEO of Samsung was asked in an interview regarding the […]

Samsung Galaxy S5, Is it really the one you expected?

Samsung Galaxy S5 front and back

Samsung, the South Korean mobile manufacturer has always been dedicated towards adding more excitement to their devices and keeping it at par with the Apple iPhone most of the times copying it features because R&D is such a waste of money. Recently, the company has launched their most awaited and most leaked flagship device ‘Samsung Galaxy […]

Top Smartphones Under Rs 10,000 For 2013

Sony Xperia E

Are you looking for a smartphone under Rs 10,000? In this post I will be listing the top smartphones under Rs 10k. A lot a smartphones have been introduced under the 10k price range with very good specs. The android revolution has given people the power of choice  Previously the budget market was captured by two […]

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Asphalt Heat

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a beast in terms of hardware and software. It has a octa-core processor, 2 GB RAM, 13 MP Primary camera and other high end specifications. The device is filled with features like Air View, Smart Scroll, Dual Play etc. One of the main highlight of the smartphone is the screen. The […]

4 Reasons to Purchase Galaxy S4 – What Makes it Better?

Why to buy Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has already launched Galaxy S4 and there are lots of videos and photos available now. The latest flagship device has a new 8 core processor and powerful GPU. Although, most of rumors turned out to be true, still Samsung surprised users by introducing 2 versions of Galaxy 4. One has an Octa core processor […]

What I’m Looking Forward to in the Samsung Galaxy S4

Hello Everyone, As the days fly by, our anticipation of knowing how the galaxy S4 would look, feel and work is increasing. In proportionate to our growing anticipation, there are numerous photographs, blogs, articles, videos increasing every minute each describing as what they expect out of the much awaited Galaxy S4. Some of these even […]

The All Over Best Electronic Gifts for Christmas 2012

Let us discuss the all over best electronic gifts for Christmas 2012. We all love to get gifts and to gift people. So, what if you want to gift some electronic good? Which category of electronic goods should you gift? In my previous posts i covered best gifts in various categories. Today, i cover all […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Nexus 4 – Infographics Comparison

With the rapid advancement in technologies and a global inclement towards the smart phones, the competitions between the contemporaries in this segment is making a mark for itself in history. The intensity has reached to the stage where every aspect of a smart phone is scrutinized and made more powerful, as a result of which, […]