How to Protect Android data theft – Best android mobile security apps

Protect android data theft

Android phones are very much in vogue in the mobile phone market and why not? The features available on them with the thousands of Android apps that can be installed, convert the mobile phones into all-purpose devices with which users can accomplish a score of things. However, there is a serious catch attached to this – […]

10 Common WordPress Security Holes and HOW TO Avoid Them

Almost 20% of the web is powered by WordPress and there is a stunning increase in this figure, 40% of total hacks and exploits are targeted on WordPress, Believe it or not. WordPress is bloated with multiple doors for exploitation, While a Simple HTML page can only be hacked by gaining access to Web Hosting Account. Use an updated version […]

How to Protect Yourself from Mobile Networks Fraud: An Insight into TRAI

How to be safe from mobile network operator frauds ?

TRAI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is the independent regulator of the telecommunications business in India. It has laid down various rules and regulations on various subjects like tariff, interconnections and mobile number portability for the protection of consumer interests. But none of the mobile operators educate the users about these rules and guidelines […]

Protect Google/Gmail Accounts from Hackers with 2-step Verification

For years the security of various online apps remained just like this but now Google has taken the initiative to bring a change to this by introducing the two factor authentication. Two factor authentication involves you to enter both your existing password and a special new second pass-code so it’s nearly impossible to phish. You generate this second password by a new mobile app available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry called ‘Google Authenticator’, or by Google call or a text message to a phone number you entered when you set up the feature. That password will expire in just a few minutes though, so be quick.

How to Use HTTPS for Safer Facebook Experience

Facebook security

Enhance Browsing Security Options for Facebook Facebook is undoubtedly the most profound social networking website that exists today in the World Wide Web but with so much personal data stored inside it, shouldn’t Facebook foster its privacy and security options? Recently the official Facebook Fanpage of Mark Zuckerberg got hacked on  which The Hacker started […]

Can you Really see who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Can you Really see who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

The users who were on Orkut tend to see who viewed their profiles, which makes user feel there must be a real application on Facebook which will give the same results. But the point is there is no such real application that has come out positive. Some spam applications like ePrivacy, has been viral on […]

Best Free Anti-Keylogger Software – KeyScrambler Download

KeyScrambler encrypts your keystrokes deep in the kernel, giving keyloggers “scrambled,” meaningless keys to record.

  • Defeats known and unknown keyloggers without needing constant signature updates.
  • Is compatible with other security programs and tokens and smart cards.