Secure your Wireless LAN | Networking Tips

In my previous article i showed you the tricks and techniques to protect your LAN connection. In this article i will show you how to secure your Wireless LAN. As in the previous article LAN security was sub divided into two parts, similarly Wireless LAN security is also divided into two parts. The difference is in the security issues.

How to Secure Linux/Ubuntu? – Security Tips

Although linux-based operating systems are considerably safer when compared to Windows and Mac OSX, there are still steps that you can take to ensure that your linux box stays safe and protected. In this post I will illustrate a few techniques you can use to keep your machine locked down tight.

Build your Own Network at Home | Learn Networking Series

Hey guys its not magic but its an indeed fact. It is a practice of communication between two or more computers with a very varied concept.It can be classified along with variety of concepts, right from basic to the very advanced classification. Networking is useful in sharing resources, communicating with each other, sharing information etc. […]

How To Defend An Input Validation Attack

defend input validation attacks

Input Validation Attacks: It is one of the very ‘easy to implement’ attack. It injects malicious scripts into an application and by running such application the system can be attacked and it becomes vulnerable. It is even hard to defend than passive attacks. Following are some of the best countermeasures against input validation attacks: Application […]

Passive Attack Gathering and the Tools Required


Passive attack gathering is one of the Pre-attack stage where attacker collects information about his victim. It is also known as footprinting.This attack is done on big organization having very large network. It is the method by which we collect information about structure under organizational network. We sort of predict the flow of network by […]

What is Stegnography? – Way The Hackers Hide Files

Stegnography is the method by which data or files can be hidden in Image files or any other type of file. Well, Purpose can vary according to user. E.g: We can send a stegnographic message to our friend by email  which can be secretly shared only between you and your friend. If any other person […]

Network Security: Replicated Services (For Corporates)

One of the most convenient methods of securing private data is using ‘‘Replicated services”. This method is actually done for backing up your data. We have to create two or more systems (or networks) having same function. These are used for performing same work. Both the systems are exact replicas of each other. Advantages: 1. […]

Track IP-Address Just by Sending an E-mail

Track IP address

IP address: In this world everyone has some address having all details about your location in real life. In the same way, Every internet user have his address in the world of internet. It is named as Internet Protocol address. Shortly named as IP address When you send/receive emails they are transferred from IP address […]