How To Make A Computer More Secure

How To Make A Computer More Secure

Nowadays everyone uses a computer and because of some bad guys in the cyber world the usage has become very dangerous. Those guys make deadly viruses that can act in various ways on your computer and the affects range from stealing personal data to making your computer act in a weird way and damaging the […]

How to Block Email by Domain, Subject or Sender in Gmail

Spam Email

You know that Gmail is the most popular email service that is owned by Google. You can access Gmail using their official application or from browser. Previously, Gmail was linked with Google Plus but now Google have ditched the interlinking. Gmail is so much popular because of its simplicity. It is even more popular because it […]

(Post-Snowden Era) Encrypt Your Facebook Messages Using Cryptocat

Welcome to the post snowden era where we don’t know who is seeing what and the worst thing about it is we can’t do much about it. As the NSA revelations made their way into our world we began to demand a more secure communication channel and then the thought of encryption in personal communications […]

7 Reasons To Use Third Party DNS Services

how to use google dns windows 7 xp

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) runs DNS servers for you, yet you don’t need to utilize them. You can utilize outsider DNS servers rather, which offer an assortment of peculiarities that your ISP presumably doesn’t. In this post today we will be talking about various benefits of opting for a third party DNS provider by […]

Secure and Protect your Google Account From Getting Hacked

About 90% of daily internet users have a Google Account. Most of them have their personal and important data stored in any of the Google’s service (like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, e.t.c). But a very few users have their account configured correctly. It means that most of the Google account users have an account […]

How to Protect Android data theft – Best android mobile security apps

Protect android data theft

Android phones are very much in vogue in the mobile phone market and why not? The features available on them with the thousands of Android apps that can be installed, convert the mobile phones into all-purpose devices with which users can accomplish a score of things. However, there is a serious catch attached to this – […]