Protect Google/Gmail Accounts from Hackers with 2-step Verification

For years the security of various online apps remained just like this but now Google has taken the initiative to bring a change to this by introducing the two factor authentication. Two factor authentication involves you to enter both your existing password and a special new second pass-code so it’s nearly impossible to phish. You generate this second password by a new mobile app available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry called ‘Google Authenticator’, or by Google call or a text message to a phone number you entered when you set up the feature. That password will expire in just a few minutes though, so be quick.

5 Best Password Manager Softwares


People’s Internet Activity has taken a giant leap in the last decade. Almost everyone today has an account on multiple social networking website, multiple email account and profiles on other services. It is always recommended to use different passwords for each of the social networking websites to stay protected on the web. It is a

7 Tools to Secure your Mobile Phone Device

Mobile phones, the ultimate gadget in this wireless and busy world. And with this much reach your phone has also made some enemies that are always there to harm your phones data either by installing malicious codes or by some sort of physical attacks. Every time you connect your phone to the computer to transfer

What is a Proxy Server? When do we Need One?

Working of a Proxy Server

What exactly is a proxy server? The literal meaning is something like this… The word Proxy is derived from a Latin word proximus which means “close”.A proxy is actually a server which helps us maintaining our privacy on the Internet. It is just like a wall between you and the Internet. When you use a

Mass Injection: Infected more than 40,000 Websites

I will be sharing a recent high profile Security breach encountered by me which caused the infection of  40,000+ website worldwide.Till last year we have heard of mass infection of personnel computers but 2009 mark the mass infection of website which indeed is very dangerous to millions of innocent users around the globe. “The attack is

Build your Own Network at Home | Learn Networking Series

Hey guys its not magic but its an indeed fact. It is a practice of communication between two or more computers with a very varied concept.It can be classified along with variety of concepts, right from basic to the very advanced classification. Networking is useful in sharing resources, communicating with each other, sharing information etc.