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11 Possible Ranking Factors for the Coming Facebook Search Engine


The Facebook Search Engine is about to come, no doubt about that. To prepare for the resulting changes we now throw a glance into the future: Here are 11 possible ranking factors for the coming Facebook search engine. It is now clear; Facebook is working on a search engine. “Facebook” the number one social network has one billion searches

What Users Want from Mobile Websites [Infographics]

Earlier I wrote a whole article explaining how you can optimize your mobile website and earn some more attraction. While I was going through the surveys done on Mobile Users, I found a pretty interesting survey and it’s infographic that was totally related to my last article. I thought it might be a great idea

Why Flash is Not Recommended for SEO Purpose

flash Platform

Flash is platform that always is the first choice by the web designer for developing website better in terms of user interface, better design. It is the best platform provides by Abode Inc. We use ActionScript (Client-side coding) to implement flash into Action. Flash platform spread its root so deep that it is very difficult