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Motorola’s Moto X +1 surfaces online with leaked images and specs!

Motorola, after the successful launch of its three devices and new Android Smartphone series named Moto is again in the talks. This time the render images of the upcoming upgraded version of Motorola Moto X i.e. Moto X +1 have been leaked online with some rumored or confirmed specifications which has made many people fall in love with the device even before

Top 10: Smartphones of the Year 2012


November brings life into the Hall of Fame: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , a new number 1 is at the top. And the Apple iPhone 5 and the Motorola Razr I have made it among the top 3. Currently, all three smartphones share the same points in third place. In addition to iPhone 5 and i Razr the Asus Padfone comes to 417