HTC One X+ Specifications and Features

HTC One X+ : The Best Smart Phone Ever HTC One X+, the successor of HTC One X was unveiled on October 2, 2012. HTC came with their one series in Q1 2012. This is one of the best series of phones by HTC. HTC One X+ is the new version of the famous HTC

Is ‘Black’ Samsung SIII coming to stores near you?

Samsung Galaxy SIII a phone claimed to be “Designed for Humans” can be considered as one of the most anticipated Android devices until its launch this year. Device sported a great bit of hardware but could not impress with the design and quality of material. Anyways, a lot of blogs stated about it and I

Pictorama -Turn Your Photos Into Money

As the saying goes “A picture is worth thousand words” photos have become part of everything write from wallpaper to magazines photos captures readers eyes and make them read the content, if your an designer or blogger or content writer or Freelance writer you will be madly in need of photos, in this case Google will help you to

Is Samsung Galaxy S3 Worth Buying? – Or Is It Over priced?

Samsung Galaxy s3 white

Recently Samsung launched its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S III in India. Since the first look the device has faced mixed views from all around the world, and after the launch event in New Delhi, where the price was also announced, the critics has gone viral. “Seriously, Rs.43,180 for this retarded phone?” – They say.

What Experts Think About Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy s3 pic

Since the initial Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors, till the official launch everyone was expecting something new and ‘revolutionary’ from the newly crowned smartphone giant. Even I was excited to see the launch event, and a new galaxy. But when they revealed the device and its features, mixed reactions started flowing everywhere. Some people were totally

Best Windows Phone 7.5 Smartphones

zte tania microsoft windows phone 7

Not a fan of Android or iOS, than you will surely love Microsoft Windows Phone 7. With growing sales of rivals Android and iOS, Microsoft is working actively, now a days to promote some newly launched Microsoft Windows Phone 7. And if you are looking forward to buy one, then this list will surely help

Updated List of Smartphones scheduled to Receive ICS Upgrade in 2012


Not too long ago, Google released the source code for Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which followed the launch of Google’s flagship ICS phone – Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Since then, several Smartphone manufacturers have started to work on building customized version of ICS for their devices. Android v4.0 ICS is pretty different from Gingerbread &

Best Android Phones Less Than Rs.10000

Earlier Android phones were generally associated with high prices and though most people craved them, only a few could afford them. However with the launch of a wide variety of mid-range Android phones by major mobile manufacturers, now you can grab great Android phones with impressive features for less than 10k. Let’s discuss the best