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Cyanogenmod a deeper sneak peek! What Cyanogemod is planing for non-rooted users?

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  Since the launch of Android, it has become the most productive and most modified operating system ever built on Linux. Android’s open source power makes it the best selection for customization among the developers. All the companies no matter Samsung, HTC, Sony, Micromax, Karbonn etc are using the Android version, developed and managed by Google Inc. Apart from Google there

Google’s New found love Android Silver May Come In 2015

Knock ! Knock! Google’s  Android Silver in the Buzz Search giant Google’s inclination towards Android is roaring very high with the recent buzz on Android Silver Program. Silver Program is an Android uniquely certified by Google and which is going to be ascended amongst several OEMs (Including Motorola, HTC, LG and Samsung) in order to provide a pure Android experience.

10 Must Have Softwares For Every PC

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No doubt computer is ruling this technology world. Everyone is looking to buy a computer to make their life much easier. Before buying a computer you must know lot of things in it. I recommend you to check this ultimate desktop buying guide for more details. You should not give-up immediately after buying a well