[How To] Virtualize with Hyper-V in Windows 8. No extra software needed!

Start the machine

Windows 8 has brought us many features – there’s no doubt about it. Some of them are straightforward and some obscure. One such feature is Hyper-V. Hyper-V is built right into the Windows 8 Pro to satisfy all your virtualization needs. Here is What is virtualization? Simply put, virtualization creating virtual hardware and running operating […]

WikiTaxi: Complete Wikipedia Offline

Wikipedia is the world’s best and largest encyclopedia. It is not just free but is also offering its users to get it offline. Yes, that is right. Now, you can get complete Wikipedia’s database on your computer and search it even if you are not connected to the Internet. Wikipedia’s databases are stored as dump files which […]

How to Reset Windows Password [Win XP/Vista/7]

There are times when we forget our windows user account password. What we generally do is that we login to administrator account and reset our password from there. What if you don’t have access to your administrator account? This post will include a step by step guide on how to reset windows administrator password if you […]

How to Skip Adfly Links and Linkbucks-Like Ads

The paid URL link shorteners are a great headache to all of us as it eats up a lot valuable time and also, are really very annoying. They are pretty good deal for the website owners and webmasters – no offense , But are really annoying for the readers. You see a heap of such […]

9 Best Softwares for Screen Capture and Screenshots

Writing good posts and killer articles is the major part of a blogging business and good images and screenshots are a prerequisite for a good article. Often a need is felt for softwares and applications which would allow us to take screenshots with minimum effort. Here are some of the best standalone softwares, Chrome and […]

5 Best Free Blog Tracking and Web Analytics Tools


Best Blog Analytics Software to Increase Blog Performance The most of important part of blogging is ‘Getting Readers’, people who are successful bloggers are successful because they have a huge reader base. They cultivate their blog readers by providing high-quality, unique content and if you want to be a big name in the world of […]

MiniLyrics – View Lyrics on Desktop as Song Plays


MiniLyrics by crinsoft.com is a plugin that is compatible with almost every media player you can think. All you have to do is to download this plugin and install it and it’ll automatically start whenever you play the music.

The software connects with its huge online database as soon as you play a music file and searches for appropriate lyrics for it.The best part is its way to present the lyrics i.e. the lyrics actually appear floating on the desktop while allowing you to continue your work like browsing net etc.

How to Play Games Without Graphic Card

Has this ever happened to you that  you bought  a brand new game which  launches, but gives you a black screen or strange graphics and textures? Or maybe sounds but no sign of video? If your answer is yes then you need 3D-Analyze, a tool developed by Tommiti systems.  It solves all your problems of […]