Screen Dash Premium 2.1 Amazing Discount

Do u remember the article  “Why Screen dash will change the web” awhile back about a new cloud image software called Screen Dash. There was a great amount of interest by readers in this software and its capabilities. In case you forgot, here is a quick overview: “Screen Dash combines screenshot capture abilities, paint and […]

Blaze Media Pro | All in One Audio and Video Converter and Editor

blaze media pro

Today I’m going to introduce you a software to meet all your multimedia needs. Trust me, after using this software you will not think of any other software for your multimedia needs. The software includes a full audio and video converter (MOV Converter ), burner, video capture, audio recorder, data CD/DVD burner, add special effects […]

How To Play RAR Movie Files Without Extracting

play rar movies

Suppose, you downloaded a movie of 4 GB after a long waiting of hours. 4 GB is a huge size, it takes time. You see that your download is completed. What’s next? Grab headphones, turn off the lights and play the movie! Oh, wait. It’s in “.rar” format. Start extracting it… and wait again. Seriously, […]

(How To) Fake CPU Speed

fake cpu speed

One more addition to our list of cool tricks. This one is super-cool. What if you have a Pentium-3 or 512MB of RAM? You can upgrade to any processor easily – FOR FREE!! I mean, you can upgrade to any processor… but not the “hardware”. Let me explain. There is this trick, using which you […]

Telnet Lessons – Part 3

how to telnet learning lessons

Carolyn’s note: <CRLF> just means hit return. In case you can’t see that little period between the <CRLF>s, what you do to end composing your email is to hit enter, type a period, then hit enter again. Anyhow, try typing: This is a test. . 250 Requested mail action okay, completed quit 221 <> Service […]

How To Telnet | Learn – Lessons Part 1 of 3

how to telnet learning lessons

The Magic of DOS! In this guide you will learn how to telnet, forge email, and use nslookup with Windows XP. The key to doing amazing things with XP is as simple as DOS. Yes, that’s right, DOS as in MS-DOS, as in Microsoft Disk Operating System. Windows XP (as well as NT and 2000) […]