Best Electronic Gift for Christmas 2012 (Part IV)

This is the continuation of our article on the Best Electronic Gift for Christmas 2012. Other parts can be found at: Part I, Part II, and Part III. Perhaps, this is the last article in this series. But if I get more stuffs to add up, then for sure I will continue with more parts. […]

Sony Xperia SL Vs. Sony Xperia T – Infographics Comparison

Sony Xperia SL Vs. Sony Xperia T - Detailed Comparison

Sony Mobile communications is again in news with the launch of Xperia T “The Bond Phone”. Latest Bond 007 flick featured Xperia T giving it a worldwide exposure. So what’s new with Xperia T when Sony recently launched Xperia SL in September, the so-called successor of Xperia S. Both Xperia SL and Xperia T are […]

Best Electronic Gift for Christmas 2012 (Part II)

In the last post – Best Electronic Gift for Christmas 2012 (Part I), we introduced some the best gifts in few of the categories. Let us continue with few more categories here. Laptops Laptops are the best gift for the students who are in school or in college. School students can be given a low […]

Best Electronic Gift for Christmas 2012 (Part I)

Several new gadgets have been introduced this 2012. And Christmas is almost round the corner. New gadgets are still coming up every day. So, what will be the gift electronic gift to your loved ones this Christmas? Let’s look at some here. We present you with electronic gadgets for each category, with the top gadgets […]

Sony Xperia V – Waterproof LTE Smartphone with HD display


Do you want to keep your SmartPhone with you while swimming? Few days back that wouldn’t be possible, but now it is possible with Sony Xperia V because this smartphone is waterproof and allowing you to watch the movies in full HD and take experience of LTE Internet. The device is in fact the first Sony […]

How to play Crisis 2 on iPad: All about Cloud Gaming


Crysis2, Darksiders 2, Batman: Arkham City  are all CPU and hardware intensive games that will squeeze even the last drop of juice from your device. So how do you run such heavy and demanding games of a system with minimal hardware specifications say a mobile phone or tablet. The answer lies in Cloud Gaming.Cloud gaming, […]