Block Websites with Avast Free Antivirus

Mind goes in both wrong and right directions. But teen age is the deciding factor and this period is what makes a person good or bad. Internet is the treasure house of knowledge, no doubt about it and I couldn’t agree more. But just like everything Internet also has it’s cons. If you are a

Make Ringtones of your favorite song from YouTube Videos

How many times this thing happens? You heard a song and it’s stuck in your head and you want to set it as your mobile phone’s ringtone. There are many ways to cut ringtone out of your favorite song. The traditional and most popular way is to download the song/video offline and then use a

Why Productivity Apps Won’t Increase Our PRODUCTIVITY

Two years back I bought Nexus 7 after finally knowing why one should buy a tablet and also because I heard of few productivity apps being available for Android platform which can help me shape my each day to be more productive. At the beginning everything seemed well and then I got indulged in running for

Things To Consider Before Upgrading Your Laptop

When you are building a desktop PC yourself, a regular case will come with a lot of room inside. You can open it by unscrewing those few screws and get simple access to all the equipment in the case. Parts you introduce aren’t unchangeable, and, could be replaced later. Regardless of the fact that you purchase

Top 10 IFTTT Recipes to Use Pocket like a Pro

Best IFTTT Recipes to Use Pocket like a Pro

If you are a Pocket user, you might have already bookmarked numerous links. However, did you ever think that you could get more out of your regular Pocket app using IFTTT? You know that IFTTT means If This Then That. In a simple line, IFTTT is an automation service and you can do almost anything

How To Fix A Stuck Or Dead Pixel On Your LCD Screen?

Have you ever perceived that a pixel – a little spot on your computer’s LCD screen – is staying a solitary colour for a long time? You have a stuck pixel. Fortunately, stuck pixels aren’t generally abiding. Stuck and dead pixels are hardware issues. They’re frequently brought on by assembling blemishes – pixels shouldn’t get

Is Your Computer Overheating? What to do about it?

  Heat is your machine’s foe. PCs are outlined in view of heat scattering and ventilation so they don’t overheat. In the event that an excessive amount of high temperature develops, your system may get temperamental or all of a sudden close down. The CPU and GPU deliver a great deal more high temperature when