Troubleshoot MSVCR100.DLL Missing From Your Computer

If you search for the most common errors in windows I am sure this one has made into every list. This error commonly appears when trying to start a freshly installed program or after you have just cleaned your windows OS. The common error is easy  to solve it, as all you need to do […]

Mastering Windows Desktop Search With Search Codes

  What do you do when you can’t find something in your computer? Search for it right? We all want to get desired results from our searches but due to the high amount of information present in the internet it becomes difficult for search engines like Google to bring up specific results and it is […]

5 Ways to Save Battery while Reading Books on Android

EBooks are the new trend among Bookoholics, with eBooks people can carry their favourite books anywhere and read them whenever they want. The best part is that they don’t want to carry any physical item or extra weight, everything is there in their phone or tablet. Now wherever they go, they have their library with them. Another best part […]

How to use WhatsApp with Two Numbers at the same time on Android

  Whether you have a Single Sim phone or a Dual Sim phone, What’sApp won’t allow registration of two numbers at the same time. Though you can enjoy the benefit of having two numbers for calling but for what’sapp you’ll have to choose one. This was sad because many people use more than one Sim […]

How To Reduce Memory Usage In Google Chrome

If you are an avid internet user then let me ask you a question, “What is your favourite browser?” though there are several of options but the one you will hear the most is Google Chrome. Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world and it’s not luck which took it there, it was […]

How To Solve Common Android Issues without Consulting a Nerd

android issues solutions

Android is the most used mobile platform in the world, it’s been said that more than 70 percent of smartphones in the world are powered by Android. What makes Android so huge? The answer is simple and can be explained in one word “Freedom”. Yes, Android means freedom. Android does not come with restrictions like […]

What is Android rooting? What are the top 3 reasons to do it?

what is rooting by the geek daily

  Own an Android device? For you an Android is just like a software which lets you to play amazing games, run super cool apps and much more. Well, in some terms your thinking is perfectly correct. But, there is another aspect of the Android which is only meant for those who really want to scoop more out of their […]

How to Import Gmail To Outlook

Gmail to Outlook Logo

Microsoft’s Metro Style e-mail “Outlook” is one of the best competitor to Google’s e-mail “Gmail”. It is fast, simple and beautiful interface makes it awesome. So, many of you will be thinking of switching account from Gmail to Outlook. But the main problem that occur is how to automatically import Gmail’s messages to outlook’s inbox. […]