20+ Google Chrome Tricks and Shortcuts

keyboard shorcuts to make google chrome faster

In this fast world, everyone wants their web-browser to surf internet faster. You can not increase the speed of your internet but what you can increase is your speed for doing work on a web browser. Google Chrome is the world’s fastest web-browser. So, I have come up with a list of shortcuts and tricks […]

How to Fix Corrupted RAR Archives With WinRAR

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Sometimes, we download RAR archive which has parts and one or the other part of the RAR archive is corrupt. What we do is that we re-download that corrupted part. But instead of doing this, we should first try to repair that corrupted part. Mostly a RAR archive that has parts has a “Recovery Record” to recover a […]

Google’s 2-Step Verification: The Complete Guide


Do you want to protect your Google Account with some extra security? If yes, then 2-step verification is your answer. Your Google account holds your personal information which you don’t want to stolen. What 2-step verification does is that it protects your account from getting hacked. If you have 2-step verification enabled in your Google […]

WikiTaxi: Complete Wikipedia Offline

Wikipedia is the world’s best and largest encyclopedia. It is not just free but is also offering its users to get it offline. Yes, that is right. Now, you can get complete Wikipedia’s database on your computer and search it even if you are not connected to the Internet. Wikipedia’s databases are stored as dump files which […]

Secure and Protect your Google Account From Getting Hacked

About 90% of daily internet users have a Google Account. Most of them have their personal and important data stored in any of the Google’s service (like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, e.t.c). But a very few users have their account configured correctly. It means that most of the Google account users have an account […]

Protect Your Computer From Getting Hacked

Are you worried about your computer getting hacked? If yes, then you must take some precautions while surfing internet or downloading and installing any software from internet. About 70-80% of computer which connects to internet daily or weekly are hacked. To protect yourself from getting hacked you must keep some points in mind. In this […]

Get Your Copy of Windows 8 For $13

Get Windows 8 for 699 Rupees (13$)

Windows 8, launched on October 26th, 2102 is available to buy or download (trial version of 90 days). Most of us are excited about this latest version of windows and are ready to buy it. Windows 8 comes with a price tag of $39.99 (Rs. 1999). But what if you can get it for just $13 (Rs 699). Yes, that’s […]