Linux File System Explained: EXT3, EXT2, FAT32

For those of you coming from windows backgrounds, the way the linux filesystem is laid out may seem confusing at first glance…. but that is where this article comes in !

The first thing you should know when working with linux, is that everything is treated as either a file or directory. Yeap thats right, even hardware is considered a file by linux, and, speaking of hardware… all your hardware devices are located in the /dev directory, but more on that later.

Hike Your Vista Performance Rating

vista performance rating

The Windows Experience Rating is sort of like a system performance gauging system that you only find in Vista . While many complain that it’s flawed and unfair at times, there’s a way to fool Vista. Basically, we change the performance figures in the XML that holds the scores for each of the subsystems. To … Read moreHike Your Vista Performance Rating

Some Quick Windows Tips and Hacks

windows tips and hacks

Allowing Network Access with Blank Passwords (XP and Vista) Although you can log in locally without a password, by default, WindowsXP Pro does not allow network users to access the computer without a password. Typically you will receive an Unknown error 31 if this is the case. To change this setting: Run gpedit.msc Go to … Read moreSome Quick Windows Tips and Hacks

The complete List of most commonly used Acronyms in Instant Messaging / Internet

acronyms in texting

That awkward moment when someone says something like BRB and you ask… What? And you wonder why he/she didn’t reply. That’s because BRB stands for Be Right Back. The person simply said, don’t go anywhere, I’ll be away for a moment. It’s not only about BRB, there are a lot of acronyms people use in … Read moreThe complete List of most commonly used Acronyms in Instant Messaging / Internet