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How To Install Whatsapp On Nokia X

How To Install Whatsapp On Nokia X

If you already have a Nokia X smart phone and you are facing problems while installing WhatsApp then we would like to tell you that WhatsApp is currently not supported by the Nokia Store. But don’t worry this article will teach you how to install Whatsapp on Nokia X unofficially. First of all if you have previously

How To Avoid The Blue Ticks From Whatsapp Conversation

With the new “Blue Ticks” feature rolled out by Whatsapp a couple of days ago, you can now know when your sent message has been read by the recipient. Tapping and holding on the message will also show you the time at which the message was sent, the delivery time and also the time when

How To Create A Fake WhatsApp Conversation

How To Create A Fake WhatsApp Conversation

WhatApp is a revolutionary product in the field of mobile market from the initial stage itself. It created a vast economy that every gadgetry candidate wants to use this service now with low charges and high productivity. WhatsApp created around 200 million active users, that’s really hard to describe that biggest thing in the world.

How to Spy on your Whatsapp Contacts


Nowadays Instant Messengers are the most common way to contact someone. May it be Whatsapp, BBM, and lots of many other instant messenger apps, also may it be the Facebook Messenger. But what if you want to spy on someone? You want to get the usage details of the person, at what time he/she is

14 Best Whatsapp Tricks and tips

WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the world right now, according to the recent stats WhatsApp reportedly has 500 million monthly active users, which is more than the number of Facebook users. Many of us use WhatsApp in our day to day life to chat with others. Whatsapping is always fun. This post will help