How to Add Mac like Dock in Windows

Virtual Dock in Windows

Windows itself is a pretty good operating system as software availability, price etc. But sometime you may perhaps miss such a feature that will let you find your desired programs even faster. To access frequently used apps faster, Microsoft has included Taskbar in Windows OS. It does not allow users to stick any folder or […]

Your Uninstaller – How to Completely Uninstall any Software from Windows

Completely Uninstall any Software from Windows

Are your confused after reading the title? You should be if you are unfamiliar with the term, “Completely Uninstall”. Most of the regular Windows users install software, use them and then uninstall that right from Control Panel (If requires). This is a common scenario if any particular software does not accomplish the necessity. Is not […]

4 Ways To Free Up Your Hard Disk Space

Hard drives are getting larger with every passing day, yet some way or another they generally appear to ultimately fill up with the data. This is even more probable in case you’re utilizing a SSD, which offers substantially less hard drive space than customary mechanical hard drives. In case you’re in need of hard drive space, […]

Troubleshoot MSVCR100.DLL Missing From Your Computer

If you search for the most common errors in windows I am sure this one has made into every list. This error commonly appears when trying to start a freshly installed program or after you have just cleaned your windows OS. The common error is easy  to solve it, as all you need to do […]

Mastering Windows Desktop Search With Search Codes

  What do you do when you can’t find something in your computer? Search for it right? We all want to get desired results from our searches but due to the high amount of information present in the internet it becomes difficult for search engines like Google to bring up specific results and it is […]

Best reasons to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8

Lets talk about the Best reasons to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Though Windows 8 may seem a little misplaced to be used on a desktop PC or laptop due to its interface, when you look at all the useful improvements made, you sure would be tempted to use it. You need to […]