How to Remove Skype Icon from Windows 7 Taskbar

Skype is one uncrowned winner of VoIP and video calling softwares. It’s so great that most people stay online on Skype everything. The only thing that annoys (sometimes) is that, its icon doesn’t disappear from taskbar even when we minimize it to tray. There is no big trick, its an in-built function. It runs with

Best Photo Management Softwares for Windows

Photo Management softwares have become an integral part of photography since they not only help people organize and share photos, but also save a lot of manual labour involved in managing and browsing through our entire collection of photos. These free softwares allow us to manage & edit our photos using a variety of advanced

How to Disable Auto Sleep Mode in Windows 7

Many Windows 7 users are annoyed with the default Auto Sleep mode in which the system automatically goes into sleep (standby) mode after 10 minutes. Though the feature can be quite useful at times, it is particularly annoying when someone starts downloading a large file which might take a long time to download and the

[How To] Hide Control Panel from Start Menu in Windows 7

Though the Start menu in Windows 7 provides a handy shortcut to quickly open up the Control Panel when we need to change any setting, at times it can also lead to unwanted repercussions in case other users (children, colleagues etc.) make unwanted changes in the default settings. If you would like to hide Control Panel from Start menu

How to View Hidden Files, Folders and Drives in Windows 7

Though viewing the hidden files in Windows 7 is quite simple, most users do not know how to open the Folder options, which is the reason why they are unable to change various options related to folders, such as viewing hidden files etc. Here is a simple tutorial to show you exactly how to do

Fix Recycle Bin Icon Does Not Refresh Automatically in Windows 7

Are you frustrated with the Recycle Bin icon in Windows 7 not refreshing automatically when you empty your recycle bin? If yes, then this tutorial will help you fix the problem and make the Recycle Bin icon automatically refresh upon emptying it. Here are the steps you need to follow: 1. Right-click on the desktop

How to Remove Programs From Startup in Windows 7

Since Startup programs in Windows 7 are saved in a specific folder in your hard drive, you can easily add or delete them by modifying the contents of the folder. If you are annoyed with some programs automatically starting when you log on to Windows, or if you want to add some programs to the

How to Enable God Mode in Windows 7

Godmodes are shortcuts to various system settings.Godmodes give you control of your system with a handy way to access various control settings from one place.