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Using Windows Store Apps on Windows 8

Similar to Android Market and Apple Store, all of Windows Store Apps are available on the Windows Store. You can easily download and install the free as well as paid apps; all you require is to have a Microsoft email account. On purchase of a Windows Store App, you can install it on not more

Top Apps for Windows 8 Operating System

After the launch of the most awaited Windows 8 OS on oct 26th 2012 , it has grabbed the eyes of many users all over the world . Unlike all other previous version OS , it has the special feature. e of app store.  Actually windows 8 comes along with few predefined apps as the

Windows 8: The TheGeekDaily Quick Start Guide

Windows 8 Tiles

On 26 October, Microsoft began shipping its new operating system Windows 8. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 requires its users from earlier versions some getting used to. Background is the new operating concept around the Modern UI interface, which was designed primarily for touch operation. The difference between the looks of Windows between 95 and