What is Metro Style UI? – Facts you Never Knew

what is metro style ui

Let me ask you this. When do you think the use of Metro style started by Microsoft? Most of the people will say Windows 8 or Windows Phone 7, but that’s absolutely wrong. Myth 1, busted. Myth 2 – Does Microsoft own the trademark of “Metro” word? Not at all. We’ll talk about that later.

What is Microsoft Surface? – Tablet To Beat iPad

So, the rumors were true. Microsoft was making its very own tablet PC… psst. It’s not ‘exactly’ a tablet. It is a fully powered computer in the form of a Tablet PC. Before you read more about Microsoft Surface tablet, I’d suggest you to watch this video. This video will definitely make you love this

How to Create New ard Disk Partition on Windows 8?

how to shrink windows partition and create a new free space

Disk partition is getting extremely important when hard disk sizes are increasing. Now days, 1TB hard disk are common and partitioning hard disk into different parts of logical storage saves us from cluttering data and messing up files. When you need to install a new operating system on your computer and you need not mess

How To Set Picture Password In Windows 8

If you would like to make your PC more secure, you can make use of one of the most innovative features of Windows 8 – a picture password for your login screen. Once you set it up, you will no longer need to worry about people hacking your passwords and accessing your computer. You will have

Microsoft Windows 8 Will Be Released in the Fall 2012

Microsoft corporate vice president Dan’l Lewin has revealed that the much expected Windows 8 release date will be on early next autumn. Dan’l Lewin handles strategic and emerging business development of Microsoft. This hint suggested by him on the start-up LAUNCH event at the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus. Lewin suggested in his speak in the