How to free up more space on the Hard Disk

Let us talk about How to free up more space on the Hard Disk. With the days passing by, the hard drives are getting larger and larger, not exactly in terms of its physical size, but in terms of its storage. And yet, they fill up so soon! This scenario is more true in case […]

How to speed up your computer boot time

speed up your computer boot time

Everyone wants speed, be it a car, travel, service, phone or computer. But often times our computers become slow and waster our time and bring down our productivity. One way to improve your computer using experience is to reduce the system startup time ( Boot time ). Most of the times, the reason for slow […]

Protect Your Computer From Getting Hacked

Are you worried about your computer getting hacked? If yes, then you must take some precautions while surfing internet or downloading and installing any software from internet. About 70-80% of computer which connects to internet daily or weekly are hacked. To protect yourself from getting hacked you must keep some points in mind. In this […]

Windows 8 and Windows RT: These are the Major Differences


On 26 October, Microsoft has launched Windows 8 officially. Coinciding tablets are offered with both Windows 8 and Windows RT – especially the house Surface models. Superficially, the two Windows versions are almost identical, but there are all sorts of differences – we summarize what there is to know about the little brother of Windows 8. Tablets with […]

Create Presentation with Google Docs

Create presentations with google docs or google drive

Want to create presentations and got no Microsoft office install in your system or still using the very old Microsoft office 2003 for presentations and documents. And want high-end quality in your presentations. Look no further other than Google Docs. It not only helps you to create online presentations but it also helps to create documents, spreadsheets, drawing, […]

How to Rebuild Icon Cache to fix Faulty or Damaged Icons

Have you ever noticed a faulty or damaged icon appearing on one of your file? I think most of us have/had that problem. Sometimes, Windows starts displaying wrong icons on the desktop or if you install a new version of a software with a fresh new icon but you still see that old icon or a blank/damaged […]

How to Manually Create a System Restore Point in Windows 7

What if your PC doesn’t boot up? A normal user will try to recover it by system restore which will restore the PC it to a previously saved point on the computer when everything worked fine. But what if you don’t have a saved restore point on your computer? Generally, a computer automatically creates a restore point […]