How to Recover Data After Windows Crash?

How to backup your data from crashed Windows? It happened to me. I had some blue screen error on my Desktop PC and my windows is not loading. I tried detaching and attaching my hard disks and RAM but still the same blue screen. OMG! My PC has my collection of over 250GBs of games […]

(How To) Install Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Ubuntu from Pen-drive

install windows xp from pen drive

This tutorial will teach you how to install Windows XP/Vista/7 or Ubuntu/Linux from pen-drive. Basically, you can create a bootable USB flash drive and use it like a bootable CD/DVD. Why would anyone want to install Windows XP from a pen drive? May be their CD drive isn’t working properly like mine, or They don’t […]

Remove Autorun.inf Virus Manually – Without any Software

remove autorun inf virus manually

Hello friends this is my first post. In this post I am going to show you that hove to remove the residing autorun.inf  file even you cleared all the viruses in your pendrive or local drives. This file makes the drives not when we try to open it or when we try to rename the […]

For the Linux Novice

linux novice

Are you thinking of trying out Linux? Fed up of everyday battles with Virus and Antivirus? Wanna give this open sourced free software a try? Well then this post is exclusively for you.An insight into what you shall find here. Which one to select? What more do I need? What should I know? What about […]

4 steps to reduce the startup time of Windows XP

reduce windows xp startup time

The time Windows XP takes to boot-up is directly proportional to our frustration and temper. In simple words, “damn you windows! Can’t you start a little faster?” Indeed, its irritating when the computer takes a long time to start. The good thing is, you can reduce the booting time easily. Yes, it’s free too. You […]

Most Useful Windows XP Shortcuts

Shortcuts always save time, be it on the road or on your computer. Here are a few windows xp shortcuts that will help you save your time. I hope you find them useful. Windows Explorer 1. F2: Rename object – Forget right clicking a file or folder to find Rename option, Just select any file […]

Lock Folders Without Any Software

lock folders without software

Did you know that a little txt file (saved to a .bat file) can lock any folder on your PC? Like if you wanted to hide some valuable data from somebody, you can easily do it! this text file doesn’t do the normal “hide file” but actually hides the file away even when you have […]