4 steps to reduce the startup time of Windows XP

reduce windows xp startup time

The time Windows XP takes to boot-up is directly proportional to our frustration and temper. In simple words, “damn you windows! Can’t you start a little faster?” Indeed, its irritating when the computer takes a long time to start. The good thing is, you can reduce the booting time easily. Yes, it’s free too. You […]

Lock Folders Without Any Software

lock folders without software

Did you know that a little txt file (saved to a .bat file) can lock any folder on your PC? Like if you wanted to hide some valuable data from somebody, you can easily do it! this text file doesn’t do the normal “hide file” but actually hides the file away even when you have […]

How to Increase your Internet Speed by 20%

How to speedup your internet connection

Err! Slow internet. Who likes to see a page loading like a tortoise? I bet NOBODY! Although, if we get a faster internet connection, we’ll wish to have an even faster connection. I cannot give you a new internet connection, but I can surely tell you a trick to speed-up your internet a little. You […]