4 steps to reduce the startup time of Windows XP

reduce windows xp startup time

The time Windows XP takes to boot-up is directly proportional to our frustration and temper. In simple words, “damn you windows! Can’t you start a little faster?” Indeed, its irritating when the computer takes a long time to start. The good thing is, you can reduce the booting time easily. Yes, it’s free too. You … Read more4 steps to reduce the startup time of Windows XP

Most Useful Windows XP Shortcuts

Shortcuts always save time, be it on the road or on your computer. Here are a few windows xp shortcuts that will help you save your time. I hope you find them useful. Windows Explorer 1. F2: Rename object – Forget right clicking a file or folder to find Rename option, Just select any file … Read moreMost Useful Windows XP Shortcuts

Some Quick Windows Tips and Hacks

windows tips and hacks

Allowing Network Access with Blank Passwords (XP and Vista) Although you can log in locally without a password, by default, WindowsXP Pro does not allow network users to access the computer without a password. Typically you will receive an Unknown error 31 if this is the case. To change this setting: Run gpedit.msc Go to … Read moreSome Quick Windows Tips and Hacks

Overcome Auto Reboot Problem in windows XP

solve auto reboot windows xp

Many People Might have faced, cases when a system fault/error/crash ends up freezing the OS at the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), which displays the cause of the crash and gives some details about the state of the system when it crashed. The major annoyance is that it requires a “cold” reboot (reset) or … Read moreOvercome Auto Reboot Problem in windows XP