So are you facing problems with your WiFi signal.Are you looking for ways to increase the signal strength of that wireless router in your home.

Very often when we move from one location to other we may see notification icon for the weak signal of WiFi reception in window, which means there is need to improve the access point or router to receive the quality Wi-Fi reception. There are many ways to boost the signals.

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How to Secure your LAN Network

In thi short tutorial where you will come to know the basics of LAN security. As far as LAN security is concerned firewalls, anti-viruses play an important role in it. Viruses can affect your pc or your entire network. Hence it is very important to ensure that your connection is secure. Security of LAN is sub-divided in two parts.

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Build your Own Network via Wireless LAN

WLAN technology First of all “what is Wireless LAN??“. The answer to it is wireless Local area network. The complete networking here is done with no wires involved. These are basically computers which covers a wider or a broader area. It is helpline where people or users from one organization want to access the computers […]

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