Tasker is a powerful tool to automate tasks that should take care of the Android smartphone for its users – similar to this,  some may have heard of the Android app “ Locale“. We have analyzed the new application “Tasker” and here are the results:




Prior to the first use of Taskerit is clear that the functionality of the tool is too much to appreciate it in a single review. So at this point we have given only a broad overview.

Profiles and Tasks
Tasker allows the creation of any number of profiles, tasks and scenes. The profile determines which task should run and when it should run. As profile-context can be defined apps, time, day, location, status and events. As tasks, various sub-items of the action categories alarm, audio, dialog, input, media, Plugin, Other, task, phone, app, file, display, image, network, script, scene, Tasker, variable encryption, zoom and Party Apps be selected. Icons can also be addedin the tasks.


Profile and create a task provided
To illustrate a very simple (because it is also much more complex) practical example: Let’s say, we want that wireless and mobile data is disabledat overnight. With the wake-up call to the compounds it should turn on automaticallyin the next morning.

In this case, we can specify start and end date that wireless connections should be disabled. So we ask, for example, as a profile “clock in the evening of 00 to 06 clock in the morning” field. You will get the task window and asks us to define a new task. This we call in “Networking Night” and assign it to one or several actions. In this case we choose the action category “Network”, then the first action “Wi-Fi network” and as a second “mobile data” and set it to non-connected or off .


Profiles edit and output tasks provided with

Our new profile now appears in the list of templates on the app home page and can be managed from there. As desired, it can be as wider context, for example, certain days on which the profile is to be executed or to add other contexts. Furthermore, each profile can be equipped with output tasks. In our case it would be the wake-up call with a certain melody that uses automatically if and only if the network connections in the morning to re-activate.

Also, any number of other tasks are linked to a profile. If we now look again, how many action categories with many subcategories in turn there, you can imagine how bombastic are the possible combinations of profiles and tasks.

Scenes and Backup
With scenes useris able to create custom applications and dialog boxes themselves. For this purpose, images can be used as background and decorated with different elements, such as text, shapes, buttons, cards and menus.

Profiles, tasks and scenes can be saved and restored by the way, in case of a cell phone bill or if the android must be times back to the factory settings.


Tasks offers plenty of descriptions and help for the app on the website of the developer , and even in its own Tasker Wiki . Due to the immense range of functions but it takes a while until you know what options involves the Android app in itself and may use them in full. A visit to the developer’s site is therefore recommended in any case.

The menu button can be searched profiles, data back up and making settings for the user interface, the ad campaigns and access permissions. In some places, it falls short of the translation in other languages – here would like to be touched up a bit.


We come into contact with Tasker is a really“WOW experience”. Hardly any other Android app offers such a wide range of functions. Not everyone will need all app functions, and some will find the application to be far too large. For users who consider their androids as “implement” it in every possible activity would involve and want to leave no possibility of using the unused smartphones, Tasker does provide a real added value.

Both on a Samsung Nexus S with Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) and also on a LG Optimus P990 with Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) Tasker runs without problems or crashes.

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