TeaShark Mobile Web Browser

TeaShark Mobile Web Browser

TeaShark is a java browser 145K in size. It runs on almost all Java enabled phones. Good mobile browser but still in beta. I have installed it on my N95. Very good browsing speed. You can also rotate screen to landscape. You can download it from www.teashark.com

Teashark is a mobile web browser for Java MIDP 2.0. The browser first renders the pages and other data on Teashark servers and then the servers send the data to mobile devices, like the other handheld browsers these days. This way of data transfer saves a lot of time and data usage of your network, but how?

Teashark browser

Suppose, there is no servers in between. You open www.thegeekdaily.com on your mobile device, and it starts loading. What actually happens is, you mobile sends packets to TheGeekDaily servers and it sends data back. But in this case, the servers are not optimized to send compressed or less data to mobile devices. Therefore, they will send the same amount of data to all devices, whether it’s a PC on high-speed internet or a java based mobile with GPRS connectivity.

On the other hand, when you open a page in Teashark browser, it makes sure your mobile handle only the ‘required’ amount of data. Again, suppose you open www.thegeekdaily.com. This time, the page will open on Teashark servers and the servers will then compress the page data to send it to your device. Only the minimum required amount of packets will be sent to your phone, and hence you will save time, money and improve browsing speed.

There are some great features included in this browser. Do check and download it to your Java MIDP phone. And don’t forget to share your reviews with us in your comments below. We’d love to hear from you. Also, share it with your friends, so that they can also get something really useful.

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  1. Plz help me. In jun/2008 i install teashark on my nokia 6630 & i access gprs 1 month for free (no download only access beta) with access point Airtel Live but after 1 month it apply charge of 30 paise for http://www.google.Com and still today it apply charges. So How i can do to access free airtel live in my nokia 6630. Plz reply on my email id

  2. hi all. i am using teashark to browse the web free in my nokia n72, but cannot download any file or copy text using it. so, isn’t there any other alternative? thanks for help.

  3. hi i m using nokia 3500 classic mobile and i have also install the teashark softwares in it but my mobile is showing ( subscribe your packet data first) so what can i do for it plz tell me

  4. hey! i m using nokia 3500c my teashark works well when i subscribe to mobile gprs but when i open teashark on airtel live gprs then the error occurs subscribe to packet data first .plz send me full information how to get free surfing plz plz…….

  5. i want to access internet in my system through airtel live for free. teashark available only for mobile i need this type of software for system.

    i’m using sony ericsson w300i

  6. Guys i have nok 5610
    1st startup usin idea conn my balance dedctd
    2nd time i tried usin airtel conn at 0 rs
    it not workin
    wat shuld i do to make it work teashark is free na so why it isnt workin plzz help out gotta wait 4 vrybdys reply

  7. i m using nokia n73 .. i can browse free using Teashark.. with airtel live ,,, but if i post scraps from orkut it wont post…plz send me thr solu…

  8. I have teashark 1.O version.I have nokia 6600. the page
    can open but when i procced to open it it showing me conacting and does not connect. so plz tell me .How can i solve my problem.

  9. i am using sony ericssom w300i. my probs is that it runs well only for the 1st time, the nxt time i open it white screen appears and nothing works.plz any1 help.

  10. i am using nokia n70.. for first time after installing teashark it was worked…. after that it is not working, it says failed to connect,,, help me

  11. if fail to install teashark in ur cell on second time.when if u alredy have it and deleted. then simply download teasahrk on computar and tranasfer it to cell then its work fine. i alredy tried

  12. Hi friends……….. i am using n82….i updated my version from 10.0 to version….When i used version 10 yeashark worked fine but afted updating the firmware it stopped working…..can u suggest me any help……

  13. Hello bro i dont know about 3230 model will support how much for this application but can you mention the error or some messeage or what is happning when you are installing the teashark infact from past two days it was not loging to the server itself on my n70 i dont know what has happned my be blocked by air tel or i have to format my mobile.

  14. Hai all,

    Also i want to ask one thing can any one tell with teashark how can i do attachment while writing or replying a mail.

    thanks in advance


  15. Hello all dears,

    regarding teashark browser i want to tell you 4 points which may answer most of your answers i hope.

    1. The teashark application with “GREEN” color “SHARK” symbol will not work do not waste time on it

    2. The teashark application with only “RED” color and ” T ” letter symbol will work on most sof the set.

    3. Teashark you cannot copy text or any other from web page while browsing infact you can search for words. some time it wil hickup but will work again.

    4. If you uninstalled it once and is not working on second time installation the format of the memory and then reinstallation will work.

    therese are all suggestions not the descisions.

    sorry for bad english
    enjoy symbion with teashark


  16. Hi buddY
    M using teashark. I hv Nokia N70.
    And reallY it’s working.
    And m commenting frm teashark.

    If teashar doesn’t work then download “ucweb”.

    EnjoY airtel

  17. All Nokia users,plz make urself register on mosh.nokia.mobi nd create account there.then download browsers frm dere including Tea shark,but dere seems 2 b prob.arising using T shark.orkut does’nt open on dis nd nothing gets downloaded 4rm dis.

  18. Dear friends using All multimedia handsets of NOKIA including 6600,6630,N70,N72 etc… Go to ‘mosh nokia’site and download teashark software with 145 kb.It’l work commonly on all of our NOKIA multimedia handsets.If not working after instald downld again.

  19. I’m using dis software since about 2 month nd itz been workin properly til nw bt nw i can’t send scraps on orkut bt can perform evry activity i was doin till nw….
    So plz help me if u can….

  20. Hi i m using n72 i enjoy the teashark software but i can’t download anything frm this software.
    Plz tell me hw can i download with this software.

  21. hi i m using n70 and i have
    teashark but i m open teashark only show initilizing
    so any one know other soft. send me it name.

  22. I am using nokia n73,I installed teashark but I am unable to open yahoo messenger. Can any one tell me how to open yahoo messenger using teashark in my mobile……………

  23. hi
    i am having a nokia 6300 with an airtel postpaid connection. i am a new user. pls tel me how to open teashark.com on my mobile. will it be charged.
    can i take ny other connection in with it is not chargable.
    pls lemme knw soon.

  24. i had installed teashark on my n70 ….it worked first time…
    now when i am opening it just a whitescreen appears…please help me..
    is there any other software for browsing airtel live free….
    thanks in advance….

  25. Hi, iam using nokia 6300. Am download teashark. But it doesnot work in my handset. Some time my balance deducted. Plzz give me a solution. Have Any settings is change?

  26. m using nokia N70 when install teashark it work 1st time but after sometime when i open again it gets totally appear white screen & teashark doesnot work. plz help , how can it’s work perfectly in nokia N70

  27. i want to access internet in my system through airtel live for free. teashark available only for mobile i need this type of software for system.

  28. I want to use teashark in my mobile for browsing mails&others but i unable to access but my mobile modelnumber is lgkg195 please send teasharkjar or jad file which is support to me

  29. i m using nokia 6630 when install teashark it work 1st time but after sometime when i open again it gets totally appear white screen & teashark doesnot work. plz help , how can it’s work perfectly in nokia 6630

    thanks in advance

  30. Hello can any one please please tell me how to attach files to e mail using teashark

    it will be great help

    thanks in advance


  31. hi …i was earlier using tea shark without any prblm. but after flashing may SE W810i, i m not able to use it . after installing , it gives white screen. Plz help me…

  32. i deleted accidentally in my w810i. wen reinstalled it tells,failed.try again later and then closes.on opening second time only a white screen appears. please help

  33. You can not directly download stuff from teashark , it launches the inbuilt browser for downloading. We can not change this 🙁

  34. hi mahesh
    You can not connect to all sites using airtel live, you should use mobile office to connect to internet. for that you will be charged @ 15 per day.
    To activate mobile office send “internet on” to 121

  35. Hi, i tried using teashark browser. It’s usage on airtel live profile results in zero charges levied. I most use it for browsing and chatting via web yahoo messenger. Unfortunately it doesnt support auto refresh for yahoo messenger. So i have to do it manually every few secs. Other than that. Its fine.

  36. hiiiiii………….i’ve activated airtel live….bt unable to connect to net using teashark….plz help me

  37. i have nokia6681.i had download teashark 1.0.0 but it had worked only 7days now it is not work for last 6day why plz help me

  38. Hello Rahul and Navneeth
    I’m not using internet on my mobile these days, I will try to find some alternate for teashark and tell you.
    Did you guys try opera??

  39. I have a nokia n95 and it works good but i cant download stuffs directly from the teashark, but when i click on a download link it starts using my default nokia web browser to download it
    So my question is there any possible way to download directly using this browser

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