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Android TV: The New Era Of Televiewing

In today’s era, where everything has the word “smart” attached to it, there was no way that TVs could be left behind. Yes guys, the era of smart TVs is here. Smart TVs have been here for some time but they have gained much popularity in the past couple of months, especially after the Google

New LED Research Could Make Displays Upto 400% Clearer

With the cutthroat competition in the smartphone market these days, there’s research going on in different fields in order to make the smartphones more effective and attractive. Every other day, we see some new research being done in one of the various fields resulting in breakthrough technology. As we talk, professor Stephen Chou is researching

Deep Look into Top 8 New Features of Windows 10

You might have already heard about Windows 10. If not, Microsoft has announced Windows 10 on September 30 and launched the technical Preview version on October 1. You can download the Windows 10 Technical Preview at free of cost from the official Windows website. In this article, I am going to introduce  you to some awesome

Top 3 Leaked Features of Windows 9/10

Windows 9, the brand new Windows operating system is coming soon. Microsoft has already organized an event on September 30th. It seems, Microsoft is going to release Windows 9 preview and some other stuff during this event. As of now, plenty of Windows 9 features have gone public. Although some of them look awkward, but

Apple Watch – Everything you should know

Right from 14th century, a watch has been an immediate and integral way of knowing the time. Watches are used as a time keeper, and more than that watch is an accessory, a fashion statement, and for many, its a part of them. Apple watch continues to carry the same intimacy forward extending the purpose of the

5 Reasons Why eBooks are better than Real Books

ebooks vs real books

Okay fine, real books are better! I agree but let’s not go there, keeping a thousand knives on my heart, I’m writing this article to convey my message which clearly is giving some reasons to somehow make eBooks win this. Books or eBooks, this is a never ending argument among book lovers, you’ll call me

Best Airfare Comparison Websites

Before technology made into our lives, things like travel planning were done through actual humans we called travel agents but their shop didn’t run long enough, Thanks to OTAs or Online Travel Agents. It took your whole process online and served your every need, it still does. Those of you who have travelled a lot