Kindle Voyage Review

Kindle Voyage

Amazon kindle voyage is coming to a phase and is in the path of success. It was marked as the best e-book reader available in the market now. The last year release of kindle paper white is good. But it’s small and has minimal features for readers like shifting to a new book suddenly but […]

Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD-800, an over-ear headset released by Sennheiser after seven years of its research in 2012 has been one of the best dynamic headphones offered at $1500 in stores. Sennheiser company is most fascinated by sound, whose love and desire for the best possible sound experience is to partake with the audience, launched HD-800, the […]

Meet Point: Your New Home Security Guard

Worried about the safety of your house when you are away? Planning to get closed circuit cameras and other complex security systems but the costs are stopping you from doing so? If you answered with a yes to the above 2 questions, this article here is just for you. Meet Point, a security assistant with […]

Top Reasons Why Xiaomi Smartphones are Selling like Anything

Let me correct you first on how you pronounce Xiaomi, its ‘she-yow-mee’. Till now whatever you may be pronouncing it wasn’t correct and this should be the next thing Xiaomi should start working on in India. Indian customers are finding it really hard and confusing when it comes to pronouncing the brand name of their […]

Nexus 9 Review

Nexus 9

Google is penetrating into the people rapidly day by day. By entering into the mobile world with the support of Motorola it brought some jaw breaking changes in to the mobile industry. After leaving Motorola, Google released a new tablet in the market with the support of HTC. HTC comes with the next generation tablet named Nexus […]

Apple iPad Mini 3 Review

Apple iPad Mini 3

Apple company products always comes with a mouth-watering features. Every product of Apple has new advancements or upgrades to make it more perfect and more comfortable to the customer. The Apple iPad Mini 3 comes with smaller display at about only 7.9 inches in size and faster in performance because of A7 chip along with advanced […]

Malaysia Decides To Take On Malaria By Using Drone Technology

Malaysia Decides To Take On Malaria By Using Drone Technology

Malaria is one of the deadliest diseases of our times. Scientists and the malarial parasites have been fighting for a long time now. However the areas which are remote and out of the world’s eye for the most part are more distant from the medicines and such areas make the scientists sit tight and get […]