10 Benefits of Playing Video Games

10 Benefits of Playing Video Games

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10 Benefits of Playing Video Games, and Why it’s Cool!

It is a much debated issue in most of household where there are video game addicts, usually kids. Teenage is most profoundly known for mistakes, but is Video Gaming a mistake? It is definitely a time killer which could be utilized in education, but a research conducted recently suggests that Video Games do improve cognitive skills and hand-eye-coordination comes in that.

Violent and 18+ bloody games are not included in those but the casual ones like Crazy Arcade, Bejeweled, Extreme Fever, Gold Miner Vegas etc.
Ten Reason Why Gaming is Beneficial

It releases stress: Life is busy but taking out time for some casual gaming leaves out time for enjoyment without which everything look dull. It increase a person ability to see other side of things.

It energizes brain: If you haven’t heard of brain trainer, then Brain Games 3 is for you as it playfully sharpens your cognitive functions. These games improve every part of brain that controls human body, emotions etc.

It builds Relationships: Kids indulged in online gaming often find virtual friends with whom they chat, converse and have a wonderful time. Truly it is better than facebook, at least it not passive.

It distracts from homework: Small portions of gaming during homework session switches stress to right part of the brain which makes the left brain relax and available for studies after say 15 minutes.

It makes kids sharper: Playing and simulating quickly on video games makes kids solve mathematics problems quite effective. It becomes a routine to tackle challenges and problems – a very good habit for lifelong success.

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It improves mood: If you are having a sad outlook towards life, indulging in a few session of gaming may improve your outlook because colors and specially cartoons really increase brain activity for the good.

It improves physical condition: Most kids these days are unhealthy because they don’t participate in physical activity much. This can be eliminated partially by getting a Wii that involves physical movements in the game-play.

It provides serious stimulation: Playing video games for shorter period of time provides serious stimulation to brain, it makes it active and energize for work and study, but make sure it doesn’t exceed more than 30 minutes because after than eyes are strained and brain starts feeling dizzy.

It sparks imagination: Animation and Video games are a result of core imagination, overall everything is design is based on animation. Video gaming gives a platform for each individual to imagine something new and then pursue it.

I hope you like these Ten Benefits of Video Gaming, you can check Xbox 360 Elite and Nintendo 3DS – the best video game consoles.

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