The Best and Most Creative Online Blackjack Games

The Best and Most Creative Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack is pretty simple, right? Anyone can learn to play in a matter of minutes, whether that’s online or using a deck of cards at home. However, games developers can also use blackjack as a basic platform to create interesting variations, somewhat like playing an updated version of snake or Pacman on your smartphone. It might be just a little twist on the original, or something a bit more ambitious, but it can really make a difference in terms of keeping the game fresh. We look at some of the best versions below:

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack

Legendary jockey Frankie Dettori has been involved with a few casino games, notably a couple of slots. However, Magic Seven Blackjack is one of the most popular versions of online blackjack at Why? Well, it’s got to do with the theme of the game, which celebrates Dettori’s victories in seven races at Royal Ascot back in 1996. So, with normal blackjack, the most you can usually win in a hand is 3/2 on your bet. With Magic Seven Blackjack, you can win a whopping 7,777 times your bet. You can see the attraction.

Double Attack Blackjack

Card players – serious card players – are obsessed with the math side of their strategy. Double Attack Blackjack plays into that area by allowing players to double their bet after seeing the dealer’s first (face up) card. That means an extra layer of strategy is required, but the skill of knowing when to ‘attack’ and when to hold back can help your bottom line. Aside from a few other rule changes – 10s, for example, are discarded from the pack – there is also a fun side game called “BustIt”, where you can win up to 200 times your bet by predicting how the dealer goes bust.

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Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender One area that online casinos have always wrestled with is how to replace the social aspect of playing games. Most of us play card games with friends and family, and while it can be fun to play against a computer, it can also get a little stale after a while. As suggested by the name, Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender, allows for multiple players, which can make the game a bit more challenging and add that

Blackjack Switch

Another one for fans of strategic games. The idea of Blackjack Switch – which is quite popular in Las Vegas – is that you are dealt two hands, allowing you to ‘switch’ the cards to make better combinations. That’s obviously an advantage, so there are some tweaks in the rules to bring the favourability back to the house. For example, if the dealer scores 22 – bust in other blackjack games – it’s called a draw in Blackjack Switch.

Progressive Blackjack

One of the most important advances of online casinos in recent years was gaining the ability to link games across sites and across borders. Progressive Blackjack is linked in such a way, with a ever-growing jackpot funded by side bets across different casinos. The minimum amount for the top jackpot is a hefty £50,000, but it can get much bigger than that. Otherwise the game is played like classic blackjack, but you have to make the side bet to have a shot at the big prize.  

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