The Best Budget Smartphone Experience: Android, Firefox OS Or Windows?

With the competition in the smartphone market becoming more and more fierce these days, all major smartphone manufacturers are bringing out budget smartphones loaded with features. All of them have so much to offer that one often gets confused while comparing smartphones. So this article is here to help you choose the best budget smartphone that offers you the best experience. The competitors we have are Android, Windows and Firefox OS based smartphones. Apple has been kept away keeping the word ‘budget’ in mind.

Windows Phone

The first smartphone that comes to our mind when one thinks of a Windows smartphone is the Nokia Lumia smartphone series. The Lumia smartphones are based on Microsoft’s Windows platform and for sometime they have been struggling to keep up in the race with Android and iOS. Their condition however is becoming more stable with each passing day with the no. of Windows based smartphone users who are not very much less than the Android users.

Talking about the features that Windows smartphones offer, they seem like a good deal. The Windows store has about 300,000 apps and with extra offers being offered by Microsoft like 15 GB of Cloud storage and the MS Office Suite, they rack up pretty good against their competitors. Also, low-end Windows smartphones go along very well with the hardware they are based on and overall offer a good user experience.

Some budget Windows based smartphones that you might want to consider are the Nokia Lumia 520 and 530. Both these smartphones cost you about $100. If you have some extra bucks to spare, you might want to consider their elder siblings like the Lumia 620 and 630 which come in at about $150 with a bundle of extra features.

Nokia Lumia 530

Firefox OS

With its competitors in the scene for a long time, Firefox OS is relatively very new in the race. The Firefox OS has been developed by Mozilla and is an open source OS. The resemblance of Firefox OS to early Android has been cited often but considering the features that it offers, it is nowhere near Android or Windows for that matter.

An interesting feature about the Firefox OS is the way that it runs apps. Most apps are web-based and run on web-based languages like Java and HTML5. But you can also install some apps that you can use even in times of no internet connectivity. Now whether web-based apps are a good feature or a bad one, we leave the decision to you. Firefox OS being relatively new only has a couple of thousand apps running on it.

Many smartphone manufacturers have brought out smartphones that run the Firefox OS,the fact that there is no licensing fee seems to attract them. Major smartphone manufacturing companies like Huawei, LG and Alcatel also have devices to offer if you’re interested in using the Firefox OS. Spain based GeeksPhone offers the Revolution with the best specs we’ve seen on a Firefox OS based device for a price of $150.

Firefox OS Handsets

One factor that seems to be disturbing is the availability. Firefox OS based smartphones are not common and are not available in every country. Even if you get hold of one, the fact that they are a lot cheaper in targeted countries like Brazil may haunt you for some time.


Android is the most used smartphone OS on the planet, offering users with a big bundle of features. You can get Android based smartphones for as low as $100 while the expensive ones can go upto $1000. With about 1.5 million apps on the Google Play Store, Android definitely has a stronghold in today’s smartphone market. With Google stepping into the scene with the recently unveiled Android One smartphones, you can now see $100 smartphones running the latest version of Android and receiving the latest updates free of cost. And lets not forget the amazing services that Google offers, some of which are Google Maps, Google Now, Hangouts and many more. If that is not enough to convince you, that fact that Android is the most customizable OS might do.

Like we said, you can get Android based smartphones for as low as $100. If you live in India, you have the recently unveiled Android One smartphones to choose from. Three devices running the latest Android kitkat for prices as low as $110 are up for sale.

If you live elsewhere like the US or Europe, you have the amazing Xiaomi devices to choose from which offer unbelievable specs for their price tags. The Redmi 1S would be a good choice at $100.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S

If you’re not entirely convinced with the idea of going with a Chinese manufacturer, you can go for the Motorola Moto E ($120) or the Moto G ($180).

Moto G Second Gen

We did the best to list the features of all the three OS based smartphones but the decision is ultimately yours. Do let us know which of them impressed you the most in the comments and stay tuned for more.


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