The Best Instagram Bot: Jarvee Review 2018

If you use social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for marketing purposes, then Jarvee bot could be your next helper.

Just like any other automated bot, Jarvee is capable of accomplishing several repetitive tasks such as following people, commenting on posts, joining groups, liking posts and even scheduling your posts. It simplifies things and makes it easy for you to grow your social media accounts with real users that are more likely to engage with your business. Jarvee has been referred to as an all-in-one bot that can handle various aspects of your social media marketing thus reducing your workload.

Features of Jarvee and what it can do for your social media accounts

This bot supports multiple social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Tumblr.

As a Twitter bot, Jarvee can schedule your tweets, follow or unfollow people on a daily basis, re-tweet, analyze your favorite tweets and upload your posts and images in bulk.

As a Facebook bot, Jarvee will help you in finding and joining groups in your niche, post clickable images, and do automatic group posting and much more.

It can follow, unfollow, follow-back real targeted users, comment, manage direct messages, hashtag and research users all on auto. Of course, along with these features, you’re also able to schedule and publish posts automatically. This makes it the best Instagram bot you can find at the moment.

Jarvee can also do your YouTube tasks such as watching videos, liking, commenting and auto-following and much more on your behalf.

On Pinterest, the bot can like Pins, comment spun text on Pins, follow and unfollow people and watermark Pins and do many more tasks.

Furthermore, the bot can do other critical tasks such as importation of content through RSS feeds, publishing unique posts using Spin Syntax and auto-hash keywords. It has an Advanced Scraping Tool that helps you to discover new content and even make your image posts appear unique.

You can also use it to analyze your statistics and growth metrics.  Jarvee’s Invite to Pages tool allows you to expand your audience. It sends friend requests to Facebook users who have shown interest in your niche. It is equipped with an Extract Tool that helps you to extract users from Facebook groups and send them requests accordingly.

There is also the Contact Tool. This allows you to find and extract members of social media channels who like your specific posts or pages. By extracting them, the tool makes it easy for you to send them messages with the Send Messages tool. This can potentially improve your sales.

If you run multiple social media accounts from same network (more than 3), it can be risky to run them all on a similar IP address. This is because it often leaves a footprint and puts your accounts at risk. However, Jarvee comes with a Proxy Support feature that allows you to use different proxies for each social media account. This helps you to avoid possible traces and make things safe.

What are the Pricing Options?

The software offers you a 5-day trial version which allows you the chance to make proper decisions before you can buy. It is available in four different packages depending on your needs. There is a starter package that can manage up to ten social media accounts and costs about $19.95 per month. The starter package comes with 24/7 premium support which makes it easy to solve any issues you may encounter.

The other package is the Professional package. This allows you to manage up to 70 accounts. It costs $49.95 per month. The package comes with all the automation features you need for your social media marketing needs. The package also features premium support. It is the ideal package in case you want to explore more on social media marketing.

Finally, there is the premium package that allows you to manage up to 150 accounts and costs $69.95 per month. It is the right package for those who want to scale things up.

The last one is the Business Package. This is a customized solution that doesn’t come with a specified price. In case you need this package, you’ll have to discuss with the support to give you the package that fits your business needs. It is the right package in case you want to manage more than 150 accounts.

Is Jarvee safe for your Instagram account?

Jarvee is a safe software that operates pretty well on Windows OS. You can also run it on VPS. There are no major security risks when running this software provided you configure everything correctly. Of course, there’s support that you can always ask for help with tool’s settings.

Pros of Jarvee

•It works efficiently and effectively. It provides the quickest way to build your online presence. It can increase the rate at which you grow your online presence by up to three times.
•It saves you time. It automates all your tasks such as following, unfollowing, sending requests, auto-posting, commenting and liking and much more. In fact, it can save you a lot of time as a day can go without you clicking even a button manually.
•It is well built and is reliable.
•It is backed up by a blazing 24/7 support. You can get help even on weekends and holidays. They usually respond within an hour.
•It is equipped with add-ons that make the bot better.
•It is easy to set up and use. It comes with a setup guide and tutorials to help you with the installation
•It handles several tasks. In fact, it can handle tasks that could be done by about ten bots.
•It offers you a free five-day trial version (click here to get it) which gives you ample time to make the trial before you can buy.
•You get regular updates of the software that makes it work more effective based on the social network changes. This means the software keeps in pace with such changes.

Cons of Jarvee

The only drawback about Jarvee is the mode of payment. It could have
been better if it were a single payment rather than monthly charges, however, paying monthly means you’ll get timely updates and support.


Social media is a potent marketing tool particularly when you leverage it well. With the help of bots such as Jarvee, you can accomplish several tasks with ease. Right from interacting with your prospects and fans to scheduling your posts, Jarvee can handle all your time-consuming tasks with inventiveness and it is definitely the best social media bot you can rely on at the moment. You can try 5 days free trial here.

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  • October 30, 2018 at 10:11 am

    Appreciate the JARVEE REVIEW ! it makes me excited to work on my automation for my account soon. Just to ask, other than those written, do you still have any other suggestions? Thanks!


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