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A finger optical mouse removes the need for a mouse pad and only needs a flat surface to function. The device straps to a finger to allow for easy computer use while a person is travelling somewhere or is resting comfortably on a couch. To ensure that a finger optical mouse works properly, one should install the most up-to-date drivers available for the product on ones Windows-based computer. Drivers comprise of a set of files that allow the mouse to interact with the other parts of the computer while it is plugged into the machine. The utility is known as called “Device Manager,” which allows the user quick driver information and installation service, exists within Windows.

However, there have been introduced numerous fancy-looking mouse devices available by cord/cordless in the market, what was always needed was a flat surface to use, and also with a mouse pad. People face a lot of problems while finding a flat surface for their laptop with devices at one place. Based on these problems, a wired USB Optical Finger Mouse has been first introduced about a year ago. This device might be the one to solve the complaints of those who are seeking a flat and hard surface to use it. People can become more mobile. They can easily use their laptops at any place. It is about 1/3rd or 1/4th in weight to the conventional optical mouse, it is best for using at home, at office, especially for mobile and flight traveller. This innovatively designed Optical Finger Mouse operates while strapped to your index finger and the button is operated with the thumb and it can work on any surface such as clothes, trousers etc. Quite sensitively, this finger mouse works brilliantly on your trouser leg. You can even type with it while it’s still attached to your finger and shortens the operation between keyboarding and operating the mouse. . It’s pretty easy to use. It takes very less time to understand how to use it and getting used to use it. It feels like a pencil when one uses it. The Price is also quite reasonable. It is handy and inexpensive way to casually surf the net on an ultra-mobile PC or Net Books. We can easily use it by holding it in palm of hand and operate scroll wheel and clickers with thumb. The finger mouse is perfect for notebook users who prefer a mouse over a touchpad, individuals low on desktop space or even people looking for something different from the normal mouse.

However there are some issues with it some of them are like it cannot be used at all surfaces for example on certain type of jeans, polished fake wood office table, light plastic covered laptops whereas it works with on carpets, old polished wooden table, aluminium-alloy covered laptops. It feels quiet heavy when you use it continuously for hours. Of course it is lighter than the normal optical mouse; however, one can’t really type with it using the finger index. And it really slows down when typing with the rest of the fingers. From all these pros and cons a conclusion can be easily drawn that’s its very handy to use it when standing, e.g. in the train or during a presentation or flight. However, the fact is that it will let you keep the device attached to your finger as you type rather than moving your hand to grab.

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