The Latest Trend In Asia: Live Bunnies As Smartphone Case

The Latest Trend In Asia: Live Bunnies As Smartphone Case

The selfie trend picked up very quickly and in no time, people from all over the world were posting their selfies all over the internet. The selfie trend is now slowly fading away but it looks lie we have a new trend picking up. This trend finds it origins somewhere in Asia and to be completely honest, sounds somewhat bizarre. Wondering what exactly is it? Using your live pet bunny as your smartphone case.

This might sound like something crazy but this is actually hapening and we have all the pictures to prove this. The one above may do the task. The bunnies pictured above might look like they’re soft toys but they’re real live bunnies holding smartphones.┬áThe reason for doing this you ask? Nothing but to gain attention. The firs such photo was posted on Twitter and has had more than 37,000 retweets since. Here is the original photo that prompted others to do the same and post pictures of their pet bunnies holding their high-end smartphones.


Though the trend is picking up swiftly and we have seen many images after the first one, no one actually uses their pet bunnies as smartphone cases and are just posting such photos in order to gain attention and maybe get more followers on their social networking accounts.

This trend has prompted many users do do the same, and here are some of the photos posted online.

While most of the photos show live bunnies holding the smartphones, we have something different too with one user posting a photo of his/her cat holding the smartphone.


What is your pick on this? What do you think of the idea of posting pictures of your pet bunnies or cats holding your smartphone? The trend might soon reach out to all countries and you might soon be posting such pictures too. As long as people treat their pets with proper care, this seems fun. Do let us know what you think about this trend in the comments and stay tuned for more updates.

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