Apple iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite features

There is no qualm that Apple Inc. had lost a lot of love and popularity amongst many users for a while but what about a come back? There are many reasons for American company’s loss of fan following. Anyways, the firm hasn’t lost any hope and that’s why it’s planning to launch the next generation iPhone 6 and has also launched the next versions of Apple iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Here we are going to talk about both of the new versions of Operating Systems.

Apple iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite features

Apple iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite- Something to actually screech about!


This is one of those coolest features which is used by very less people but now I hope everyone will be using it. The reason behind is that Apple infused it in such a way that it works on Macs and iOS products enabling users to share, transfer and drop files simply among them.


Now this feature is one which was expected by many users in the world including me. Think of working at home and your Wi-Fi gets stop and you are stuck in between your work. You don’t have to worry; OS X will help you by finding your phone and turning its Wi-Fi Hotspot by its own without you moving a bit.


This app has become more powerful than earlier as it can now provide access to photos and videos across all the user’s devices because of the new iCloud syncing. Moreover, it comes with some better inbuilt tools like automatic adjustment of light and colours, fine tuning and straightening of horizons as well.


Siri has become a serious supporter now from the earlier twaddle fun model. Just like the “Google Now” it lets you start by a voice saying “Hey, Siri”. In addition to this, it has built in Shazam which can now help in recognizing music as well as 22 new diction languages.


Well, this proofs that iWatch is about to launch. Apple provided a health app and a HealthKit API for the developers to work on. The Health app uses different third-party health and fitness applications to collect the related data and also stores them at a single place for further use.


This feature has become more useful and stern now from the former attention seeker. It is now available to developers also; enabling them to incorporate the functionality in their iOS 8 apps whether it’s already available or will be in future. The Touch ID will also guard the user’s login data, fingerprint data as well as will help to unlock Keychain items.


This is one of the great features, it lets user to start a document on the mobile and finish it on either desktop, tablet or MacBook. Isn’t its damn helpful?


At last, Apple brought predictive texting in keyboard just like Android. Available in both Apple iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite keyboard, it does now suggest words that would make common sense. Thank god, it will not let us commend those awkward clunkers with auto correct earlier.


iOS 8 and OS X’s iMessage app now goes head on head with WhatsApp and BBM now. Now, users can talk by clicking the tap-to-talk icon in the iMessage App while there is a recording feature like WhatsApp’s press and hold the mic icon just above the Keyboard. Users can also send short video messages just like the voice recordings.


This feature can now connect upto six members of a family for sharing files and much more with each other using their Apple IDs.


It has become now similar to Dropbox and Google Drive which lets users store files on cloud and let them use across their other Apple devices like Macs and Laptops after syncing.


This is also a very great and useful feature. Suppose you are working on your laptop while your phone is in another room and ringing and you want to answer phone just by sitting on your laptop. Don’t worry Apple iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite enables users to do that also. You can pick your phone calls and reply to texts from your Desktop and MacBook.

This is not the end of the list there’s somewhat a slight extra but in nutshell, both the new versions of the Operating Systems are powerful and you will not get to know more unless you use it yourself. Apple has really given something to screech about by offering new versions of Apple iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

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