The Pros and Cons of Windows 8 Operating system

The most awaited operating system Windows 8 arrived just before a couple of days which created a new revolution in the UI and the appearance. Same as the strategy if apple bringing same type of OS for its mobile, table and PC, Microsoft developed Windows 8 for its mobile, tablet and PC. It surprised user with the elegant and stylish look with more secured features. Now they were competing with the other giants of touch. More precisely with the apple products. With the competitive features, price support to the user its gaining the right momentum.  This stiff competition will be the feast for the consumer. Windows 8 with the stunning apps like Xbox games, peoples, and message become the pillar for its success. Here we can see the best and the worst of the Windows 8 operating system.

Pros of Windows 8 Operating System:

Unique look

Unlike the other version of Microsoft’s OS , Windows 8 loaded with the unique features and the look. It comes with the live tiles which attracts more user toward this. It gives new feel to the touch screen user to play in the surface. Without preventing the non-touch screen users, it works well in the normal pc’s . With the mouse action one can catch the action of Windows 8.

Coming to the security issues, I came with the different idea as using the photo as the password for the login. By creating the secret touch points in the photograph one can design their own password, which becomes tough to crack.

By creating one live id , one can access the entire system along with the SkyDrive. The user gets some handsome of 20 GB of web space, where you can actively upload the content to your private space and download either in pc, mobile or tablet.


Coming to the hardware it have some different look and it may be the used idea. But displaying it in many vibrant colours it attracts the user and tempt them t0 have hands on use over the devises. More than that, the improved touch interface and the high quality aps available in the market gives a classy look.


Windows market place have got many classy apps which becomes added advantage to the OS. Apps like Xbox Smart Glass, and services such as the SkyDrive cloud platform and Xbox Music streaming re the sample apps . Though having a market place is the follow up from apple and android, it becomes the consumer’s cake to enjoy the features. Microsoft also forces the third party developers to load the market places with their apps.


Cons of windows 8 Operating System

Even though Windows 8 have number of features, it fails to satisfy the expected consumer needs. In general Windows 8 means the user friendly but the Windows 8 fails that to so. Trade mark windows start icon is missing which make some part of the consumer unsatisfied. And the difficulty in shut downing the system irritates the use. And the difficulty in closing the live apps which runs in background are the major drawbacks.

Microsoft make the unique piece by announcing windows common for mobile, tablet and PC, it comes with different apps. It has different market place for the mobile device with the mobile apps and the another market place for tablet and pc .