The Roku LT – The Best Streaming Video Device

A perfect video device to add up to the home theatres of the common people. The Roku LT is a device designed to allow users to stream the favourite programs via subscription service without having to pay the high price of cable. It is the best way to cut the cord with Cable Company or Satellite Company without missing any of our favourite shows.

In addition to having access to all the shows that we love, the users can watch them whenever they want and without the hassle of sitting through annoying commercials. The Roku LT gives user the ability to access any of the hottest streaming media platforms available right now: Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Video on Demand, HBOGo, and more using your existing Wi-Fi connection.

Well this device consists of innumerable features. some of them are like, This device is incredibly non-obtrusive. The box is small and wireless (except for its power cable), so although it’s bright purple, users can easily tuck it into their entertainment cabinet without having to worry about cluttering up of their existing décor.

The Roku LT comes with both a HDMI cable for high-definition connections on new upcoming television sets or a breakout cable to attach it to older, non-HD equipped units. While the users can choose to pay for programming on premium channels, they can expect to be thoroughly entertained by the selection of free channels included in the device. Well this device is very easy to use, connecting the device to users existing Wi-Fi network and their TV is simple. Furthermore, the remote has very few buttons, so controlling the device after installation is easy. Users get everything they need to get themselves up and running in the box.

Drawbacks of Roku LT:

As everything has two sides so is with this great device too. With lot many advantages it has many drawbacks too. Accessing subscription streaming accounts is a little more complicated. Users are required to create a Roku account in order to get started, and they have to provide payment information in case they decide to purchase premium channels. Next, they must start programming their subscription services into your Roku LT, one by one. These subscription streaming services are not free – you must pay a monthly service fee for each service you subscribe to. There is no USB connection port to view personal media on TV through the device. There is no Ethernet port, so there cannot be hard wire the connection. If the user doesn’t have a wireless router.

On the whole The Roku LT is one of the best streaming video devices on the market today. It’s small in both size and price, and can be used by a wide variety of TV owners. Wading through the thousands of consumer electronics that are introduced to the market can be exhausting, especially when many of the devices simply don’t deliver on what they promise. However, by selecting the best of the best, users can build a collection of home electronics and gadgets that will satisfy all their needs.

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