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Google Analytics is already a very well-known and quite popular website tracking platform by the search engine giant Google itself. Google which has been innovating each of its products for the past some time, this time rolled out its new Google Analytics packed with more features and far more user-friendly UI than earlier.Here’s a list of some of the features that you must be aware of in order to take advantage of new Google Analytics

  • Multiple Dashboards

Google analytics multiple dashboardGoogle has come up with this new idea of having multiple dashboards for your analytics account each with its own custom widgets displaying the custom analytic data of your choice.Currently you are allowed to create up to 20 different dashboards.However unlike your Analytics account you can’t share your dashboards,the dashboards can only be shared with same login.

  • Real Time Analytics

Real Time DataThis is perhaps the most interesting feature of Google Analytics new design and UI.Clicking on Real Time will give you access to real-time analytics of your website.Previously it took 24 hours to update the data now you can see in real-time how much traffic is on your website.

  • Visitor Flow

Visitor Flow Visualization allows you to view flow of visitors visiting your site in an interesting graphical manner. It consists of two different kind of reports, Visitors Flow and Goal Flow. The Visitors Flow report can be used to visualize the “flow” of visitors through the site, while the Goal Flow is to visualize Goal conversion. Now you can easily visualize which are the elements that keep your visitors hooked up to your site and which are the ones that are actually a “drop-off”. This will surely be of great use to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

  • Event Tracking

event trackingEvent Tracking is a very useful feature introduced for the first time in the new Google Analytics. Now you can use Events as goals to be tracked.Events like downloads etc can now be easily tracked to get an account of what content is being downloaded. You can create your own events to be tracked like videos being watched,files download etc.

  • Simplified Navigation Using Search

search navigation

The navigation to different settings in new Google Analytics has been made quite easy by introducing the search bar to navigate to different settings and features.Just type the setting that you want to access and a drop-down menu will appear with all the possible options.

  • Site Speed

site speedSite Speed analytics is now included in the new Google Analytics without any additional code to be added to sites. Use the site speed reports to get information about average page load time.It’s a well-known fact that slow loading sites not only upsets Search Engines but also the visitors who will have to wait long for your site to load.

  • Social Engagement

Socially engaged

Social engagement shows how many users are socially engaged with your site on social networks.Now you can easily track that how many visitors of yours actually like your content and how many share it on social network as well.Social plugins ShareThis and AddThis easily integrate with Google Analytics, passing information on social interactions back to GA with minimal changes. The power of social networking websites in popularity of online business is already very well-known so use these metrics to utilize them to their full potential.

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