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When I say TOP, I look for:easy availability, popularity, user comfort, effectiveness + FREE. These are the sites, which I have used since I know the word-‘free’ and ‘tech’. They don’t require numbering, you should randomly pick one for your liking and start downloading. If you don’t find the required in one-move to the next, but that’s rarely going to happen because each sites e-books/magazines collection surpasses one’s awe and amazement and their search engines have one thing in common-they simply don’t disappoint.


Free e-Books is a very popular website to download and upload free ebooks on your computer, mobile, PDA, iPad,tablet, Kindle, iPhone, or any other portable internet connecting devices about computer, mobile, PDA, iPad,tablet, Kindle, iPhone, or anything tech related. One of the best website for ebooks. This is not specially designed for the tech lovers but it’s compatibility and register-download-enjoy-no limit policy makes it a hotshot amongst tech geeks.

Free Download free Fiction Health Romance and many more ebooks 2011 06 13 11 19 39 Ultimate List of Top 50 Free Ebook Download Websites & Ebook Search Engines


THUMBS UP :- You can add books, create books, get paid to share  ebooks, has a google custom search engine.

THUMBS DOWN :- Its crowded with books from other fields and interests like NF,f,ARTS, BLAH BLAH.

2. FreeTechBooks.Com

This site, freetechbooks, contains more than 5000 computer ebooks on every stream of technology and gadgets. Apart from being a great selection holder, it also houses lecture notes, CS books, essays and abstracts. Though I haven’t personally availed it’s services I have good news that it’s too good for being something different from the other free herd.

Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books Textbooks and Lecture Notes 2011 06 13 11 36 03 Ultimate List of Top 50 Free Ebook Download Websites & Ebook Search Engines

THUMBS UP :- This houses ALL and EVERY of “T” of TECH.

THUMBS DOWN :- A alice in the wonderland for non-CS people or people who aren’t interested with ebooks on programming, languages, game developments and multimedia designers.


This is a free pdf search engine to search a wide and a million of ebooks on networks, softwares, programming, designing, gadgets, how to’s and what not! though amazon has occupied its major share here, you still can get lucky with ebookpdf.

Ebook PDF Download Free Ebook Download 2011 06 13 11 37 52 Ultimate List of Top 50 Free Ebook Download Websites & Ebook Search Engines

THUMBS UP :- Powerful search tag, a very distinct collection.

THUMBS DOWN :- Its on and off free search engine. that means, sometimes you can read but not download free but sometimes you do. It oscillates badly but a dollar or 2 for a good ebook of your dream search is more an icing then disappointment.

4. Online Computer Books

Online Computer Books is one among the top best websites for Computer programming e-books store and I personally recommend this site. If you are a techie and looking for free ebooks on programming stuff, then you have got this website to free browse and download e-books on your PC, Laptop, iPod, iPad, iPhone, PDA, or Kindle, of your interest among thousands of available in their library.


THUMBS UP :- Not much traffic,  give you a detailed descript of your free product and they say” This site lists books which are provided by publishers or authors on their websites legally and free of charge. We do not host pirated books or we do not link to sites that host pirated books.” a change!

THUMBS DOWN:- Primitive look, not hot or happening but it’s a old guide,nevertheless.


Free ebooks which are totally meant for your handheld decives,smart phones  and symbian mobile phones and lotta. this one rocks the list for gamers, gizmo freaks. the latest will hit this site first. ebooks-space gives you a wide category to drool over.

THUMBS UP:-A great database, register and your good to go.

THUMBS DOWN:-Eye-hurting use of bright sun-burn colours. 😛

 6. Snipfiles.Com

They say legally free. we say-damn! well, well, well, this one’s a toughie. You get not only free ebooks and magzines but also softwares. i can’t guarantee you viruses and trojan free softwares, but i am recommending the ebooks and tech magz section which is simply sober down here.


THUMBS UP :- It’s a multi-facet site.

THUMBS DOWN :- It’s not advanced with tags and the search engine requires specifics.


This website-4ebooks,  has a great collection of computer programming ebooks. A short review with description of a book can give you idea about the book before you download it. free books for strictly programming are here, tech geeks. i believe, a countdown of free ebooks and tech magz without a free programming center is useless.


THUMBS UP:- A blog turned site, it has some very rare ebooks with summaries and abstracts and reviews.

THUMBS DOWN:- Ya, a great collection but with a yawn.


PDFFoo is a place where readers can find PDF files, documents free of cost to download or read from the list of many popular categories available. Though this website contains free ebooks on varied topics, such as business, technology, personal development, manuals, magazines, etc. You can browse ebooks from total 29130 files( and still counting) AND most of which is an applauded section of tech books and magazines.  This site is mainly containing documents, files in different PDF formats. All the documents, ebooks are freely available for downloading and reading.

download free ebooks

THUMBS UP :- For starters the menu!, it also houses free videos, not only links. topic includes sub topics and bifurcations which make it easier for you to narrow down to exactly what you want.

THUMBS DOWN :- The site interface looks bit cheap and the colors are not comfortable for the eyes.


I included pdfgeni in the list of my ultimate because this is for every layman on in the tech-o-world who wants an easy access to guides and books of tech, for tech and by tech. It lets you find and download books, novels, manuals, articles, document templates, reports, data sheets, and pretty much any information that is stored in PDF format.



THUMBS UP :-  It’s engine goes” i want a book about”- how easier could it get? thanks me later for the variety and it’s efficiency.

THUMBS DOWN :- No classification. nothing. you should come here with your mind made up.


It’s another cool PDF eBooks search engine with millions of books in its database. Ignore the excessive ads and just enjoy the free ebooks! I wouldn’t bother with any other site till this one closes down. But, looking at its popularity and brethren love-search-pdf-books is eternal for all those tech lovers out there. try this!search-pdf-books


THUMBS UP :- Millions is the word. go-go.

THUMBS DOWN :- Piracy and viruses-well,not every time but it’s a bit too much. 😀

The above set of websites cover the entire database of books and magazines on the internet. If you still dint find the book you are looking for,there is nothing to worry-make a last try with the best torrent portal- Download the ‘.torrent’ of the file you want to download and use a good torrent client(like bittorrent or utorrent) to open the torrent.

Note:You should install the torrent client like bittorrent in order to open the ‘.torrent’ file. After opening the file, the download will start automatically.

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      Permalink list was limited so had to forget some sites. ;P will keep in mind next tym. 🙂

  • October 25, 2012 at 2:21 am

    Thanks for this list, Shalinis! 😀 I’m a book lover myself although I prefer eBooks now over paperbacks.

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      nyc to know you fancied the list. keep reading, thanks. 🙂

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    hey deepak, i have’nt categorized my books as such. being not a fan of priacy, i have included the least of the pirated lot. 🙂 AND gutenberg, though being a classical free ebook site- isn’t much of a dazzler for tech e books. thanks.

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    hmm such a great list of resources. Thanks sharing it to help others as well 🙂


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      thanks and good 2 know that this article helped you. keep reading. 🙂


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