google chrome extensions

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best browser of 2011 and it was also awarded for the same by PCMag and some others. Google Chrome is just a beautiful browser with stunning HTML5 support, themes, built-in Flash player and also the PDF reader.

google chrome extensions

How can we forget the unending list of the Chrome extensions where it had started the extension support recently before three years which got exploded ever since the launch. Just like we have Android apps or apps for iOS or any other mobile for all possible purposes, we have everything or the alternatives for the Chrome web browser. Yes, you can push your email notifications on, play Angry Birds, send SMS, check pagerank, and block Facebook, screenshot the browser and what not? We have an available chrome extension or its alternative for every purpose.

  • Google Services
  • Security
  • Shopping
  • Productivity
  • Video
  • Social
  • Blogging
  • Screen Capturing

Google Services URL Shortener

We all know about the Google’s official URL Shortener, which now has the Chrome extension. This tool will enable you to shorten the URL and gives you the shortened form of the URL. It will also provide a QR code for the URL.

Offline Google Mail

This is an awesome tool which will get all the required data from the browser’s cache and will enable you to check your email even when the internet connection is turned off. You can compose the message as well but it can be sent only after the connection.

Google Dictionary

This is an official product from Google which will enable you to find the meaning at the very instance. On a web page, when you double-click on a specific word, a screen pops out with the dictionary meaning of the word.

Chrome Toolbox

This is also an official tool from Google. After installing this app, you will get access to few more chrome settings, short-cuts, impact tabs and others which you can’t see without having this tool installed on your browser.


If you use Google Calendar to create and maintain day schedules, then you should give a try to this DayHiker. You can do almost everything which you do on Google Calendar but from your browser itself. You can check schedules,       tasks and this will also remind you about the events.

Google Voice

Using Google Voice, you can receive voice mails as well as you can also initiate voice calls from your browser. Each and every phone number that you see on a web page becomes clickable when you install this official extension on your browser.

Google Reader

If you do read a lot from your RSS feeds, then you should better install this now. This extension is the browser version of Google Reader which will show you the active feeds, new posts and other important things on your browser.



The most recommended online tool to secure your data. This will keep your data safe when you are filling out a form or logging in to a website using your password. LastPass is available for all operating systems, mobiles, web browsers and so do we have the Chrome Extension too.

History Eraser

You may come across many stances where you have to surf without letting the browser store your usage. Of course, we have the incognito mode in Google Chrome. But this tool will help you in deleting the history, cache, cookies, download history and all. You can even set cleanup schedules using this.


WOT- The Web Of Trust is the most trusted tool online which will let you know whether a website can be trusted or not. This chrome extension, once enabled, it will provide green, yellow and red  icons after each search result when you search for a query in search engines. Using this, you can get away from clicking on anonymous/suspected links which might cause a great harm to your personal data/computer.


When you surf on internet using a web browser, a lot of thing run in the background. Bugs, pixels and others will keep a track of you. Ghostery is a very helpful tool that will give you the access and control over these scripts. You can block the scripts from any of the websites and even turn the images off so as to protect your privacy.


Add To Amazon Wish List

Amazon, the biggest online e-commerce store dealing with almost every product available, released this chrome extension which will enable you to add to Amazon’s wishlist. I meant, even if you see some product on some other site, you can still add it to Amazon’s Wishlist using this plugin and shop it from Amazon. So as Amazon is obviously the most-trusted online seller, you can shop safe and securely.

Shopping Assistant

This very Chrome extension is very helpful to those who shop a lot online rather from the physical stores. When you see a product on a website, you can use this tool to see the price of the same product on other site. Of course, this tool will also make use of Amazon.



If you want to be productive, you must always stay focused and better not lose your concentration. You know this and in case you forget, StayFocusd will alarm you. When you are using Chrome, you surf some sites daily, isn’t it? Using StayFocusd, you can set a period of time and allot it to each website according to the use. Suppose, if you don’t want to use Facebook for more than two hours a day, set the time and you can’t access Facebook after two hours on that day. You can also block specific web pages, flash apps and other static pages using this tool.


RescueTime is a productivity boosting Chrome extension which will tell you the period of time you spent on each website. Not to worry, this app will pause if your keyboard and mouse aren’t used for two-minutes. So link this and StayFocusd together to boost up your productivity to peaks.

RSS Feed Reader

Firefox has awesome RSS feed support where it shows the subscribed list of RSS feeds in the sidebar and you can easily access them. But ironically, chrome didn’t get it by default but this RSS Feed Reader will do the same thing. It’ll show you the list and will also tell you if the feed has any new posts.


Feedly is another RSS Feed Reader which has a beautiful interface (maybe, better than the actual blog) and it will also let you connect directly with Google Reader. So if you are an RSS fan, you must check out these two things.

Facebook Nanny

For some Facebook is fun and for most of the users, it is an addiction and they often fall over Facebook even when they find a minute of free time or rather they do even when they work. Facebook Nanny is an awesome tool which will not allow you to use Facebook unless you have a notification. It’ll only allow you to use Messages and Profile page on Facebook.


Do you blog or write a lot online? You might always have needed powerful proofreading software which will help you in this purpose. Then Ginger is it. Ginger is an awesome proofreading software that will check grammar and gives you the suggestions when installed in your browser. You can also get the desktop version of this software.


Magic Actions For YouTube

We daily use YouTube to watch featured videos as per the requirement and often, we might have to adjust the volume, video mode and quality. This Magic Actions for YouTube will help you in controlling all these using your mouse controls- using your mouse wheel to control volume and all. The best thing is that it will hide all the ads in the video for your comfort.

YouTube Downloader

We can’t always capture the streaming media on YouTube and save it on our desktop. So YouTube Downloader can help you with this. It integrates with browser and the video page. You can see the download options just below the video where you see the Like and Comment buttons and you can easily download the video in single-click by selecting as per your requirement. You can download videos in MP4, FLV or even in MP3 format if you just need the audio.


Most generally, we watch the media file on a website in usual dimensions which the website has pre-decided. Using MediaPlus, you can get control over the flash unit where you can change the dimensions, sizes and even add effects to the video. You can open the video in a new browser or even download them.


Facebook Notifications

So who doesn’t have a Facebook account yet? Well, I do. So when something’s going on your profile, maybe an activity, this tool will show you up in the toolbar and you can easily access your profile’s notifications and messages right then and there.

Twitter Notifier

Though this is a Chrome app, this will show the unread tweets from your timeline on your desktop even when the browser is minimised. The notifications are floated on the screen with a cool interface and you can also access your complete timeline from the toolbar when you have this extension, installed.


AddThis is a very popular and widely used software for social bookmarking and sharing. You just have to install this app by creating your account and you can bookmark any of the web pages by just clicking the right mouse button and you see an option to bookmark it. AddThis supports about 300 online web bookmarking and sharing services including all the major ones which we use very often.

Exfm music

Exfm music is an awesome music streaming tool for music lovers. When you visit a web page with mp3s in it, the tool pops out and starts playing the audio media Even if you sign off the page, the player keeps playing the media.

Send To Kindle

Even after getting 525 reviews on the Chrome Store, Send To Kindle still has a five-star rating. This tool will enable you to send an article to your kindle reader and easily read them later. You just have to setup your Kindle account and you can start sending the articles.


Using Shareaholic, you can share/bookmark web pages with just a single click. The URLs will be shortened using Google’s and will be shared/bookmarked. This tool supports over two hundred services including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, SU etc.

Pinterest Pro

The online image bookmarking site Pinterest has now a Chrome app to makes sharing even much easier. When you come across a beautiful picture that is meant to share, you just right-click on the image and you can see an option to share that image on your Pinterest.



Zemanta is a content recommendation software and the best or probably, the must have one for every blogger. On your WordPress or Blogger blog, when you start writing something on a topic, Zemanta shows you few more related articles on web which might be helpful to you. Additionally, it will also recommend you with related images which can fit in your article. Though we have the WordPress plugin for this app, the Chrome extension will just be more than enough and will do everything which the WP Plugin does.


ScribeFire is an awesome application to write content for your blogs. When you have the ScribeFire installed on your Chrome, it’ll open a new screen with all the blogs that you have pre-set and will show up a huge area for content creation.

SEO Quake

For bloggers, SEO is the most important factor and when you have SEO Quake, it’ll show the detail of a search result page when you search for a query on Google. You will be shown up with details like PageRank, Alexa Rank, Google index pages, SEMrush links and many more.

Screen Capturing

Awesome Screenshot Capturing & Annotating

We have enough of Chrome extensions for screen capturing and yet, this is the most widely used app which will allow you to capture a selected portion of a web page or even the entire web page. You can save it online and share the link. You can even edit the picture, add arrow marks, highlight a portion and add text to the image.

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