Things to Do Before Deleting Social Media Account

Do you want to delete your social media account? Wait! Do not hit the DELETE button right now. You should do something before deleting any social media account.

Facebook has become an addiction for everyone. Millions of people put out a lot of time on Facebook. If Facebook is depleting your valuable time by chatting with friends and playing games, you supposed to argue out on this. You can either control yourself or simply delete your Facebook account.

Things to Do Before Deleting Social Media Account

If you want to delete Facebook account or any other social media account, you should do something before hitting the Delete button. Here is what you should do.

Check Authorized Apps

If you often sign up to various websites, you might have seen a button like “Sign up using Facebook”, “Sign up using Google” etc. This is a faster method to get more sign ups rather than creating website specific account. By creating that type of account, you give the authorization to crawl your social media profile. Hence, before deleting any social media account, this is always an important task to disconnect all the authorized apps from your account.

Revoke App Specific Passwords Access

Two-step verification is a second layer over your present security level. You can enable two-step verification in almost all major social media accounts to make your profile more secure. If you use 2-step verification in Google Account, you might have seen the term, App Password. You know that App Password lets you sign in to any device or application and bypasses the two-step verification. If you have used app specific passwords, you should revoke all the access of app specific passwords before deleting Google account. You can get App Passwords here.

De-Index Your Profile

Whenever you create a social media profile, some major search engines like Google, index your profile automatically. Generally, most of the websites enable this option by default. This is true that your profiles will be de-indexed automatically after couple of days of deleting your account. But still you should de-index them manually.

Export Your Account

If you want to migrate from old account to new account, you can use the popular Export feature what most of the social media websites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (Google) offer. In fact, if you don’t open a new account, you should still download a backup of your profile before deleting any account. This is very simple and not yet much time consuming. All the major websites offer this feature and you can easily make use of them.

Transfer Admin Rights

This is mainly for Google Blogger users. If you delete your Google account, you will not be able to use your connected blogger account anymore. Thus, you may miss out your Blogger blog. To avoid these unusual circumstances, you ought to give the admin rights of that blogger blog to any other email account. You can do it right from your Blogger Dashboard.

Final Word

According to some security professionals, you should also change your username, email address etc. However, I do not think that this is mandatory because your username will be available just after deleting your account. It does not matter whether you change your username or not.

But you can inform your friends that you are going to delete your account. So that they won’t get any problem in future.

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